If Dander mained Akuma would he be the best in the world once again?






There’s clutch BALLS, and then there’s DANDER.

parry dive kick > shinsho. akuma vaporized. explodes like megaman.

brokentier is fuckin clownshoes

but that simpsons gif is choice :smokin:

I’d buy Dander shirts. probably green is the only color available I’m guessing.

I like a nice heather grey and blue mix. Very nice blend, especially for spring and winter.

Green would probably be default but not for the reasons one might immediately jump to.

Re-upload your Link struggle avatar to fix those OE looking filters, but it still won’t animate bcuz nobodies does, even Wizard?

Dodgers Kuroda
Dodgers Ryu #99

“Louis Cruises Europe,” from Valley Magazine established in 1999, week of January 20 - WIP topic then, scan it later or something.

We’ll get this topic next to the other one in the top latest topics posted in, or just go in the other one and say 3RD STRIKE.

I remember you having a green hoodie at that one tournament that was streamed. and your avatar is green too! I figure you dig the color.

money be green too.

Oh yeah, my sweater! Yeah, I only chose that color because I was sick of wearing blue and black all the time.

Thanks for reminding me. I need to get a new sweater.

the wire is sick

yeah I like it a lot. it put a hurt on my grades during my third year of college lol. I skipped class for about a week to plow through the show.

hey, you can learn from the wire! Omar sums up Sirlins whole book in one quote…

Best written Cops and Crims show ever. For the traditional reasons but also because it went to new territory. Like showing the real corruption at all levels on both sides of the battle, the lies/selfish interests that the news media peddles and the very serious problem with inner city education not to mention a majorly badass homosexual gangster that even the other gangsters were scrd of.

Edit: p.s. I’ll mirror match you any time you wanna switch Dander…

ha, I never thought of that before. that’s actually a pretty interesting parallel. I’m guessing Omar’s attitude can be found in all kinds of successful people across a lot of professions and interests.

Omar is pretty great. Omar Stringer and Bodie are top 3 if I’m ranking characters. I’m sure they probably all have FG parallels too. Stringer might be one of those SF4 era personalities, pushing for mainstream recognition and more money in the community. Bodie ate one too many wakeup uppercuts and decided he was done.

Stringer is awesome. I love Idris Elba, but that character specifically is dope. Even 3rd tier Wire characters are more compelling than a lot of other dramas main characters.

yeah he’s awesome. one of my favorite scenes the show, really encapsulates his character I think.

“chair ain’t recognize your ass”

Love The Wire. But none of the themes ever matched the first season. Blind Boys of Alabama nailed it.

FUN FACT: Dander was on an episode of the wire

also, LMFAO @ that fucking Daigo tshirt shit. I want to know if anyone honestly bought one of those.

The parry shirt is dumb and the arcade shirt should just be one showcase cab


Marvel vs Capcom 2 (1p < ------ >2p extra spacing probably a good idea)

Alpha 2 Gouki included

Now just need the CvS2 Gouki for Nuki, side by side the 3rd Strike cab.

edit: why does a few dashes code a full underline?

(1p  <------>2p extra spacing probably a good idea)

imo Dander would be Bodie. an overlooked and misunderstood player, agree/disagree?

IglooBob is Bubbles, endlessly positive despite living in a 3s ghetto :rofl:

lol that’s true. I’ve been thinking of ways to unghetto Alaska’s 3s scene. I’ve got three solid players who have a decent idea of what they’re doing. then a few new guys. I got those guys interested by showing them footage, making them listen to the old 3s podcasts at work, and talking about how great it is pretty often. who knows if they’ll stick or not. I’ve also made contact with our local FG community and talked them them about running a 3s tournament. if they show any interest I’ll see how averse they are to me bringing some CRTs for the setups.

I’ve been saving up for a 3s cab. I want to get a versus city with all the usual good stuff - seimitsu stick, sanwa buttons. I don’t really play any other game anymore, it makes sense that we should play on a real cab if we can. and I think the novelty of that at least might get some of the local FG players to come play 3s here and there. everyone wants to play on an arcade cab. especially in Alaska where I don’t think there are any.

the goal of this is to rope in somewhere between 8-16 regulars for once a week sessions. I don’t know how successful it will be. it’s a long gap between “a few new guys I talk to and a few guys who wanna try an arcade cab” and “these guys are grinding 3s and showing up every week because they love the game.” but I will try at least. I can’t really afford to move to So Cal or Japan and I think constant competition is going to be the key to everyone’s mutual improvement, so gotta make the effort. and yeah I gotta keep endlessly positive. I think that’ll attract people and keep them around. just talk about what makes 3s sick and they can be part of it too. I think Gootecks and Max are pretty good at that, getting new players interested and enthusiastic even if some of the stronger players don’t dig it as much.

and who knows, I bet there are 3s players hiding in the woodwork. I can’t be the only person who started the game basically when OE came out. I bet there’s a few Alaska online warriors I don’t know about. I’ll post flyers.