If everyone has perfect blocking / optimized combos, what would the game turn out like?


See title. I know this would never happen, but I think the game would change completely. Discuss.




Throw them


Like DBZ?


Optimized combo’s would mean almost nothing if everyone had perfect blocking.

High-low un-blockable set-ups would be obsolete as well, since we’d all have perfect blocking. Viper, Firebrand, etc would run this game.

True un-blockables would mean everything.

Either that or we’d all rely on chip damage for wins. MorriDoom, DormDoom, etc would also work.

And of course, Rocket Raccoon would run this shit with his pure gdlkness.



Omega Marvel vs Capcom 4 would be created.


Top tier:
X-23, Viper, Firebrand, anyone with a command grab

Shit tier:
Everyone else


Game would be run by viper. If the combos were truly optimized, she would be running that 1 frame infinite on everyone into unblockables.


those players would really suck online :smiley:


if everyone was a robot that could do things perfectly than video games would be a waste of time and they should go take over the world or something

they could start by destroying everyone with a gamefaqs account so we don’t get threads like this anymore


I’m gonna assume you mean what would happen if this game was being played at the highest level possible.

Pretty much you’d have to run a point Zero, Magneto or Viper team. Popular seconds would be Zero and Vergil for guaranteed TOD’s and every team would likely have Dante or Doom or Strider as the main assist/anchor. If you lose your first character you pretty much lose i’d say like 90% of the time because Viper will just unblockable you while Zero and Magneto put you into 4-5 way mixups or guard breaks. Luckily everyone sucks so we can still run fodder teams for the time being.


I’m just amazed by how many people wrote legit responses to this.


It would be ayuss


Yo it was like 4 AM and i was bored lol.


There’s a dedicated fanfic section on this site. Make this kind of thread there. Do not make them here.