If evo could only use one joystick what would you choose

If at some point we do try to find a standard stick to use in all tournaments, which would you choose.

HRAP. what else?

Custom Sanwa. :karate:

hrap with sanwa buttons? i guess that would be custom, but i said hrap…

YOu! shutup homo.

What’s wrong with custom Sanwa, dude? :rofl:

I placed an order for an HRAP a couple days ago, but I plan on modding it with Sanwa buttons. So I decided to say cutom Sanwa, since that’s all Sanwa and is not 100% stock HRAP. Nothing worth arguing about anyways hahaha.

Nuby Joystick!!!

co-siz ign

HRAP would be far easier of a standard, since you’d know in short order what converters work properly with it. Difference between a HRAP and a custom sanwa would be negligible to a player, but make things a LOT easier for you guys.

Isnt the ability to use your own stick the biggest reason to have it on console in the first place?

Something with a Sanwa in it, preferably a Custom.

HRAP is by far, the best.

Unfortunately, you actually need to practice on them in order to play on them, b/c the stick is significantly shorter than any American stick.

Hence, adopting the HRAP as the official stick of EVO would cause 10000 screaming scrubs to only complain louder.

The only solution? Kill the scrubs. Put them all into a room labelled “console room” which is really an air-tight sealed room that fills with cyanide gas.

I chose HRAP. However, any sanwa will do.
Japanese stick/sanwa is just a no brainer.

But LUCKILY evo has already solved this problem by making it console and allowing you to bring your own joysticks!
Now all you bums need to do is learn how to play them on your lap without wobbling them all over the place (just remember there will never be enough velcro or a heavy enough table to please everyone).

Even though I’m an arcade player, I’m very glad the first evo I came to was console. If I was forced to play on Perfect 360s or regular Competition/Happ or other shitty American sticks I would hurl ^^

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

Use a sanwa with choice between octagon and square gate. I prefer octagon.

The gates take literally only a few seconds to change. I think you should allow this option for players.

Lol FM the results of this poll can’t really give u a good idea of the people’s opinion most of the people who actually check this forum are all Jap Sticks fans…and all the rest of the community uses US Sticks and can’t play on Jap Sticks so if u would use the results of this poll to put a standard for the sticks at Evolution u would probably piss off most of the coomunity

For a standard, HRAP modded with Sanwa buttons would probably be the best idea. A true custom Sanwa would perform just as well, but if people want to practice with the standard at home it’d be easier for people to get hold of HRAPs than a custom Sanwa built to the standard.

Custom Sanwa all the way bud, personaly I think evo is perfect the way it is, the reason being that in the USA I hear your arcades have 360’s in the Uk it’s mainly sanwa and some 360’s and one arcade where I cant even describe the sticks any other way but crap and in japan it’s sanwa, I dont know what the rest of the worlds arcades are using

Since when have random SRK threads not represented the players?? In addition I think more different people have actually spoken in this thread than on any other evo topic in history, and we’re only on page 2. I say let the players be heard!!

this thread shouldn’t be about what people want as the standard but more so of what would be the ACCEPTABLE standard. evo should get what’s easiest to get which people can accept.

there should only be two choices, happ 360’s or happ competitions. i would say the competitions are the STANDARD in AMERICAN arcades so we should go with those. 360’s would be a bonus so i doubt that’d be the standard at evo but that’d be impressive if it was. i stress American arcades because that’s what people are used to in America. For ggxx the organizers were going to go with the xbox version of #r BECAUSE THE IMPORT VERSION WAS NOT READILY AVAILABLE in the US. The same logic should apply here. how many sanwa sticks have you seen in an amercian arcade? NONE. EVO being an “american” tournament i don’t see how the standard could be anything but an “american” stick. sorry but the UK players (whom i’m guessing are the majority of people who have posted) are sol. I saw one sanwa stick last year and that was just the regular grey dc stick. 95% were mas/custom sticks, 3% were pads, and maybe maybe 2% were grey dc/stick sanwa buttons. there just isn’t any way the evo standard should be something that caters to such the minority. yes i know i made numbers up but they illustrate my point

No person in their right mind could cry about “evo only has 360’s for us to use,” (again sorry to the uk people) if someone did they should be kicked out on the spot.

i’m rambling but yeah, competitions or 360’s is my choice.

Its alot easier to go from a jap stick to a US stick than it is to go from a US stick to a J stick, Perfect 360s.

Jaguar: Could you post links to pictures of each stick and their bases? Just so people who aren’t familiar with all of them may get an idea of what they’re voting for or against.