If games consoles (PS3/360) are banned in China, why was Gamerbee on national TV?

For those who don’t know

Why Are Consoles Banned In China?

So I’m wondering, if the PS3 and 360 and banned/Illegal in China, why the hell was Gamerbee’s Evo win on national TV ?.


Ignorant post is ignorant.

Because China != Taiwan.

My bad, was getting mixed up with Hong Kong, mods can delete this thread now.

Just to add a correction, gaming consoles are not banned in Hong Kong or Macau either, the laws are different compare to mainland China. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have offical regional office in Hong Kong.

Not sure though, but it seems “legal” to purchase consoles in China. You can buy them in every mall. Also, I think I even saw a chain store for “multimedia” (phones, music, games etc.) that carried them. Not some small store pushed away somewhere neither.

I think all were modded though since most (maybe 10 legal games) games are displayed as copies.

Maybe, as it says int he article, it is not really enforced.

Oh, they do really like SF a lot there too. In the store where I usually come by they were still playing vanilla SF even though it was out like 8-9 months. Felt like it just came out with in store advertising and everything. In Holland the game was already in discount bins and what not, but there it was still hot stuff.

Taiwan is a Chinese state, kind of, depending on whose side ur on. And consoles are not banned in China. Theoretically, maybe, but certainly not in practice


Yes, banned. China is a communist country. Yes, Communism is stupid.

China has no real control over Taiwan.