If i can't do fancy air combo's


should i play fighting games at all? there’s just some games where the input is too fast for me to super jump to… what are some games that don’t have air combo’s where i can break out of? cause i’m tired of getting my butt kicked… and i play a lot of different fighters… so yeah let me know if you need to know what fighters i like to play just ask me here.




There are no air-combos in Street Fighter… :wink:
Certain characters in MvC3 aren’t exactly “air-combo heavy”…
Also… King of Fighters in the same boat as Street Fighter for the most part.

What games do you play?


There’s plenty of games.

SCV, KOFIII, Street Fighter IV, Third Strike…

Although instead of bitching out and trying to go around the problem, I’d spend more time just sucking it up and learning. :coffee:


Learn to block.
Entire OP just sounds like noob salt. You probably forget that you can also do these “fancy air combos”. Though fancy combos aren’t the ones you want to do. You want the effective ones that do as much damage as possible even though a stream monster would tell you otherwise. Judging by the fact that you bring up air combos, you most likely play one or more of the mvc series. So which ones do you play, what characters are on your team, and how long have you been playing?

Posts/threads like this normally go hand in hand with the “I’ve been playing for a week and I can’t beat Daigo. What characters are easy so I can put in minimal effort?” mindset. Which is annoying.


Man, remember that point in your fighting game skill/career where you felt this bad about your game?

It gets better.


Your custom title is my life story.




Nevermind. :coffee:


There is more than one reason I use that title.