If I had the money i`d love to put together one last mvc2 tourney!


here`s an old man dreaming !

I would make it a top 50 invitational maybe for $ 10,000

1st place $5,000
2nd place $2500
3rd 1000
4th 600
5th 400
6th 250
7th 150
8th 50

From the EC I would invite

2 S.Kelly ( A very intellectual dude…had problems against dumb players…best Sentinel ever…even over Chunks)
3 Yipes ( A late comer to the scene but good lord he made a name for himself…)
4 Smooth Viper
5 Demon Hyo ( Very smart guy…just not on the internet ! )
6 Mix-up ( One of the most talented ever…not the most honest guy though…poor BLAZIN IN FLORIDA LOL!!!)
Isaac the MM king Gramn ( I was convinced this guy loses on purpose to clean up in mm`s) Fanatiq does it too but not as smooth as this guy.
8 Josh Wigfall ( lol the intellectual thug, only mvc2 player to get shot, respect)
9 Executioner (one of the founders of Sentinel)
10 Chris Matrix
12 VDO from New Orleans with the nasty rogue & Ken
13 Vegita X
14 Josh Wong
15 Josh 360
16 Mike Infinite
17 Evil Rahsaan

From Cali I would invite

1 SooMighty ( possibly the most talented player ever when the chronic was right.
2 Chunksta ( My boy from Nickel City Brahnam ! Playing spawn haha !) This guy has tech that people never even got to see
3 Chris Schmidt ( I was at the sjsu 2004 tourney when people 1st found out who this random dude from Central Cal was )
4 Duc Do ( very very Nice dude minus the pyramid scheme )
5 Finesse ( Used to be a random dude named Kenny Mac then he went super saiyin)
6 David Lee ( Old school mirror match monster ! )
7 ClockWork ( Youve seen his str/doom but have you seen his Spiral ?) 8 Ghengis ( Never was right after that loss to Nestor....took it out on me at the next tourney at svgl ! They gave him too me 1st round ) 9 Neo ( New booty but viscious, like Golden Nismor gone super saiyin) 10 Fanatiq ( very intelligent dude, the world moves too slow for him, hope he makes something out of himself.) 11 Reset 12 Crizzle ( Beat this guy real easy once, he went outside, smoked some weed & almost perfect me twice in a row, the second game it didnt say perfect but neither one of us knew when I hit em.) 13 Ricky Ortiz ( Finally settled that money issue with the Cannons & they let him back into Evos…dont let em fool you thus guy is a hustler & a survivor.) 14 Cableguy ( underrated ! ) 15 Randy Lew ( One of the best Cables ever…dude quit Davis & got rich gambling on micro pots haha ! His whole family could play Cable !)
16 Harry Peter Robust Avila Potter ( Underrated…he used to be mr. 8th place, them him & Soo got fed up with cheap Sentinels went into the lab and came out in beast mode…I remember when msp was almost extinct and Soo said one day msp would come back as the best team …straight up prophecy !) One of the best Cables ever…when he first started they used to call him " hold forward magneto" lol, he played tron & talked trash that would make Dark Prince blush, he once said sent/cable/BH could be the best team…I agree
17 Bill Wellman ( This dude sucked in 2003 everyone used to clown on him I would see him at Eugene`s swap meet tourney in San Bernadino…then he hooked up with Potter & became the sickest secret on the west coast…doesnt even play in tourneys just wrecks top players in casuals ! )
18 Dark Prince ( hated this dude but he was good for marvel, he was out of Gladys in san bernadino I think. Another sick Cable )
19 Joe Zaza out of San Bernadino…sickest low tiers ever ! Better than VDO
20 Kai Sing ( Hated this guy on gamefaqs haha but he came up & ended up as the 2nd best Strider/doom ever, had his own style…he used to play Ryu lol !
21 Shady K played him once in Norcal think he was out of San Diego, sick magneto/Doom…The only mag/doom actually
22 Julius Jackson ( the orginal tony starks ! )
23 ComboFiend (ok this dude haha…he was a straight up steve Erkel nerd…cocky trash talker too but he was the most exciting guy in marvel for a minute there, then he went to the army & then Florida & never got his game back… Gotta give him props though, him, Ricky O & Justin are some of the most talented all around FG players ever out of America.)

North West Coast
1 Row…I still remember that video when everyone is not understanding how his flying rocket punch is comboing at the bottom of the screen haha ! This guy was one of the authors ! When he beat j.wong that one round with santhrax.....for a second....we all believed, had he kept playing who knows what he couldve done
2 Kuan sick sentinel player…just up & quit
3 J mar Seattle just kept popping out top 8 players !

Every yearr you could count on Hawaii producing a top 8 evo finshers playing a sick santhrax !

  1. Golden Nismor…trash talker supreme, cocky dude & could back it up
    2)T6800z lol or whatever his name was, combo video master !
  2. Hawaiian Ryan had a top 8 finish in there once
  3. Robzilla one of the few to beat Justin at evo !!!
  4. There`s at least one more my memory is failing me !

1 Takayuki ! Sick unorthadox japanese magneto player ! dash xx c.hk mag !
2 Ruin cool dude out of Vegas
3 the legendary ( for bad reasons ) Toan Nyguen !
4 White Knight freakish little magneto player out of Puerto Rico…never has the gaming world seen hype like this & it will never see it again haha ! This fool was a religion, he had a prophet & everything…kicked butt in casuals which added to the hype…placed out of the top 8 and we never ever heard from him again…weird yet legendary stuff !!!

1 KHAOS…im glad Justin owned this guy…his crap is sick and a completey new style with a throw back Bill Wellman team but he`s mad cocky. I remember Soo once said Mag/drones is the past…now its the future !

I would love to see guys train for 6 months and then have a 50 man tourney !!! With some money thats worth theyre time…this is the greatest fighting game EVER !


Just an old fart reminiscing…Oliver,ricky, buktooth, Kim, Choi, Choi`s bro zim, Dr. B, Payaso, that little tiny asian kid like 10 yrs old I think his name was Daniel ( played mvc2 also was super talented ) Never was there a concentration of Cvs2 talent in one spot in America like it was at svgl, just freakish…you go in there unsuspecting and you become a highlight real. Roll cancelling before anyone else in the states even knew what it was !


Anyone know what happened to Soo ?


Kuan didn’t quit back in the day. He just went to his own private dojo and stopped coming out for tournaments, mostly playing MSP. I would play him before and after tournaments, and his MSP would be better than pretty much every other MSP I would play against. I never brought a camera over (usually I’d see him at parties), but he was filthy. It would have been pretty interesting seeing him against non-Seattle people later on. In my opinion, he was tons better than anybody outside of Seattle ever saw - and that includes when he got fourth at Evo. :\


Reading that type of stuff is really interesting. Post more oldtimer stories.


Wow, thats a trip about kuan,never had the slightest idea and even weirder switching to msp ( i guess thats not that weird Schmidt went to msp also) smart man actually.


Ok more oldtime stories…incoherent ramblings from a poor old guy reminiscing ( am I spelling that right haha ?)

So MVC 2 was the greatest game and greatest accident to even happen in pre-patch gaming.

The game evolved in destinct phases

I missed the VERY FIRST phase even though I had been playing from the beginning I was isolated over at San Jose city college so I didnt know about the first evo that MVC2 was apart of.....which Duc won I believe. I didnt get on gamefaqs and shoryuken until the end of 2001
And the game was changing rapidly at that time.

Top teams were like Ducs Spiral but it wasnt the Sentinel team I think it was something like Spiral/Cable/AA,
He didn`t have the drones trap, but because rushdown was in such a preliminary phase things like Spirals wall of swords mixed with cables projectile assist and an anti-air were formidable.

Doom was common on point ( and was considered the best character in the game due to versatility because of his mixture of rushdown and lock-down, much like umvc3 doom actually)

Doom was teamed often with BlackHeart aa assist and was hard to handle even for cables at that point.

mashing Fp with Cable & storm verticle assist or BlackHeart aa was nasty stuff also.

Msp was not very good…Justin Wong played an unbelievably slow Magneto at this time

Shady K was known as one of the craziest Magnetos ( Soo came up slightly later and was kind of the Kid amogst the old heads) and shady K played this wild Mag/Doom that didnt really complete many combo`s because of the nature of Dooms rocks.

Mashing out of hypergrav xx magtempest hadn`t arrived yet so if Magneto did hit you and had meter you were dead.

Also at this time people didnt care much about shortening combos for max damage due to damage scaling so you would see long extended air dash combos all the time that people later on would consider fancy.
They were common place…Chunksta used to do one at Nickel City (he lived across the street, thats how he started) in 2001 with Magneto that was launch, lp,lk,mp pause lp,lk,mp,mk air dash up & forward, lp,lk,mp pause lp,lk,mp,mk hyper grav xx magtempest.......now adays that would be fancy and new booties would be going nuts over it but back then it was common place.......the aim was simply to extend combos as long as possible.

Storm & Cammy had a similiar air combo and psylocke had her triple air jump combo…longer was better back then.

Strider/Doom/Commando was the main Strider/Doom team but to see variations with Cyclops, Blackheart, ken, storm,cable wasn`t uncommon… Clocks team came later.

Clockwork was a novelty back then and didnt place all that well, some guys even kinda made fun of him & expected him to lose ( when he was on he would demolish you though but most of the time his execution got him killed at the most awkward times) I didnt see him play as much as true so-cal players but he didn`t really get my attention until the very last shgl tourney which I think he placed 2nd after Soo. ( Could be wrong)

Cammy, Ken, RubyHeart, Guile, Omega Red, Collosus, TronBonne (glitch), glitched Juggs, Jill, Megaman & others were still being seen in the very beginning

Ironman ( especially Liquidmetal, White & others from Japan) was still popular and War Machine…and you might say well Ironman is right up there with Cable ! Havent you seen J 360.....yep but Ironman at one point was in the graveyard until Combofiend, later Demon Hyo, Julius Jackson at one time was the only IronMan.......( A sidenote on Julius is that his team was so unique although single minded I bet he could come back and place well even today......thats how this beautiful game works…things that were once rendered obsolete become good again once people forget about them like Ducs Spiral, Eders cable/storm trap and Clocks Strider/Doom…Although Duc was playing at a very high level in 2005 when he beat Yipes if he had played an old head like Potter he would have lost because Potter is from the beginning and knows that team…same with Clock vs Neo or Dark Prince as opposed to Clock vs someone like
Ghengis…Ghengis is an old head…i would always put my money on Ghengis in that match.)

If you werent japanese Ironman/storm/cable or Julius Jackson Ironman/warmachine/Doom then that meant you werent good at setting up the infinite w/o psylock so you would see the all the scrub Ironmans & warmachines with psylocke

The first santhrax I ever saw was Golden Nismor sometime between the the 2001 & 2002 evo`s he very well couldve been the first one I think he was playing it at the first evo but I wasnt there. I saw him runaway with storm before I saw Ricky do it and before Justin dropped his crappy magneto.

Speaking of Justin Wong he was the new kid, even though he had been around and played mvc1 he was still seen as a little kid with all the talent. He could barely triangle jump with magneto and he would just kinda flop around with magneto on point and do smart but ugly stuff and win…nothing fancy ever ! And people hated him from the beginning…people were so evil and racist to him…it was unbelievable, it was seen as the norm to verbally abuse this guy because he was younger than everyone else, he was over weight, nerdy, very “cheap” good…& even then he was just smarter than everyone…everyone knew it and he knew he would someday be the best and they hated him for it.


Storm was always seen as one of the best, her runaway almost forced you to play commando to get her down.

Doom > Sentinel…the buttergun alone owned sentinel because sentinel spent the majority of his time on the ground spitting and trapping with drones and assists like Blackheart.

Cable> Sent ( in my mind he still does but back then it was a complete counter pick, you never ever wanted sent vs cable unless cable had no meter and no assist. People weren`t flying very effectively, unfly was like something lucky that would happen randomly and most sents would try to ground dash under traps spit and get shot along with their assist.)

Storm rush down or any triangle jump rushdown was not very good so Cable could draw equal with storm because her runaway was her best option against him.

Cable was one of the best characters in the game
I would say it was 1)Doom 2)Storm 3)Cable

There was not much communication between east coast and west coast and while sentinel was cannon fodder on the west coast the east coast had X, Sanford, Bryheem …that one big loud dude haha that plays Cable/sent/ anything…zangief, Rahsaan and others I dont know but they were doing it right with sentinel first !

But like I said from 2001 to 2002 things changed so fast it was insane, infact the foundation for everything we know about marvel was layed down during this time…to be continued ( and if I mix somethings up someone fact check me and I admit noone thats not from the eastcoast knows what exactly all was going down on the eastcoast in marvel at china town fair during this time.)


Edit: Because triangle jump rushdown was in it`s infancy characters like Cammy, Psylock, Jill, Felicia, could be seen from time to time effectively rushing down, Magneto, Doom, Storm were also ground dashing into lk alot. At this point in time scrubs like myself were still in aw how the cpu could effectively rush with storm and rogue using air dashing so controlled.


There was a quote by Preppy once that made me laugh (paraphasing) he said, guys one the west coast are skinny & stringy, nerd-like while the east coast has guys like Bryheem ( i think that was his name) who look like they`re going to eat me and then take my wallet ! Looooool im part black by the way ( Norcal Mikeross they called me in 2002) and I found that hilarious and not racist at all.


2002 phase is up next


This part I can tell much better because I was actually involved in the tournament scene so next will be 2002 & 2003 ( one of the greatest years !)

1)California Hubris aka Caliscrub is better then your whole state !
2)The nerds of team R.U.N. & the rise & fall of Combofiend
3)The rise of Justin Wong/Burger King
4)Shadows and rumors of a dude named Kelly who`s better than your whole state !
5)The legend of White Knight
6) The legendary evo 2002 dvd trailer
7) MSP by Soo, Amir, Jose Garcia, Josh Wigfall
8)Who are these guys from Seattle ?
9) Fast flying
10) Guard cancelling and the final demise of Spiral & Blackheart
11) Ricky Ortiz banished ( and the outright abuse this guy survived)
12) The tiers changed quickly & decisively
13) Sentinel can fly & stomp & is on now on every team
14) We may suck at absolutely everything else but screw you Japan…Marvel is AMURIKA !!!


Edit: My bad…my years are slightly off because I didnt start until 2001 Duc won the first evo in 2000, then Justin won in 2001 ill touch on what I remember from that and how the Dooms, Blackhearts & Spirals dropped while Storm/Sent/aa rose to power with the dhc.


Keep 'em coming!


No @NickRocks invitation 0/10 would not attend tourny.


Just a quick comment concerning mvc2 culture which seems to have come and gone with the development of sponsors, players marketing themselves and keeping a positive public image.

Ok at the time we had Mvc2 players, Cvs2 players, GG players & ssf turbo players and that was it…there were no other 2d fighters worth mentioning.

Guilty Gear players were the most embarrassing thing you have ever seen, the most uncomfortable nerds…they must`ve been playing magic the gathering in their spare time. They had long hair, pimples and smelled…this was before the mandetory deoderant laws were enforced at bigger tourneys. They were your Comic Con guys.

Cvs2 guys were mostly kinda nerds yet exceptable guys that most people would have seen as your standard gamer…which wasnt something you bragged about being back then.....or made much money doing as far as FGs go anyways.

Turbo players were cool, but they were all older guys bringing wives and even kids sometimes to tourneys, guys who would sneak in and get a game in before the wife got to mad or the kid forced them back to the ticket games. Cool guys though.

Mvc2 players were a complete counter culture unto themselves…no games mattered besides Marvel…Marvel players smoked weed, sold weed, used weed as a performance enhancing drug ( im not kidding) drank like sailors, were always having phony beefs and threatening peoples lives.And this was the stuff that happened outside of the hotel rooms haha !!!

Out of all the fights that were suppose to happen the only dude that ever did anything was a dude named Jaha who Knocked somebody the **** out and I dont even know why.

Out of all the life threatening…nerdy posturing and internet gangsterism

Fanatiq never fought anyone
Potter never fought anyone
BlazinginFLO never did crap
Mike Chaos never did crap
Eric SmoothViper never did crap

A dude named Philth who I almost got into a fight with punched a hole in a wall once over Soo losing a money match but he didnt really play games he just came to fight, play basketball and get high.

But ghetto things that don`t happen to non Marvel players did in fact happened.

Sanford got arrested for jumping a turnstyle which kept him from flying to evo for the first time even though his ticket was paid for by that nerdy due who wears the power glove (smh) the tri force dude.

Cableguy…I like him so I won`t tell details but bad things happened to him behind hotel doors involving alchohol, foaming at the mouth and just general abuse. ( One of the best & most under-rated cables ever !)

Josh Wigfall got shot…not game related but he still got shot

Dark Prince/Duc jr brought a gun once because so many people were threatening him (He had it coming though, no one in Marvel was ever hated more than this guy except Justin Wong from 2001 to 2005, after he lost at evo people toned down their J.Wong hate it seemed.)

LOL Duc jr had a body guard named Mike Chaos…haha I know this sounds rediculous but nothing ever happened to Duc jr and alot of people wanted to hurt that dude, so Mike Chaos must`ve done a good job.

The Harry Potter/mix-up beef
The Harry Potter/ Armenian dude beef ( That backed up his talk lol)
The Harry Potter/ Korngo beef

A certain player that I won`t name who I actually think is a real cool guy who gave me advice at a Eugene swapmeet tourney in San Bernardino who also won Evo a couple times
Started a pyramid scheme RIGHT HERE on SRK and a bunch of kids lost their money !!! CRAZY STUFF

There has never been and never will be again probably a culture like MVC2 culture !!!


I’m loving the stories @Nep2une


The best Storm/ Tron ever played & one of the most talented/ troubled players ever was Mike Mixon " Mix-up" He and Potter both were young up and coming smack talkers who both happened to play m/s/t and naturally they hated each other but if you had to say who was better than it was mix-up…Potter was just smarter in life… there hadn’t been too many players smarter than Potter…





The first Nor Cal vs Socal tournament after 2002 Evo where Ghenghis very publicly choked against Nestor
Was actually held in the snack room at SVGL.

Yours truly had the unfortunate honor of playing a pissed off Ghenghis in the very first match…and VERY unlucky for me I played the same exact team as Nestor (Storm/Sent/Cable) which must’ve set off some kind of trigger in Ghenghis because that match was brutally and merciless lol!!!

I believe Randy Lew ( the online poker millionaire lol)
Won that tournament against Ghenghis in one of the most epic Cable vs Cable ( team scrub vs team scrub matches) EVER! It was almost a dethroning of Ghenghis who never really recovered his early 2002 glory…and it was a kind of proof that Nor Cal really did have the best Cables and team Scrubs ( Randy Lew, both his brothers Zim and ???, Cable Guy, Larry, Daniel Tran, John Choi everyone and their momma could play team scrub in Nor Cal at that time.)

And thus was the end of guys like Ghenghis and SIN, which were known for their team scrubs.