If I have a background in PC gaming, would a Hitbox probably be easier for them than a stick?

I see allot of people comparing Hitboxes to WASD on the keyboard. Almost makes me wonder if it’s something I’d be more wired for.

WASD is not a hitbox.

ASD Spacebar is a hitbox. If you can get used to hitting where the spacebar would be for up, then sure.

Might as well just learn stick IMO. Stick is more convenient and cheaper. Hitbox is probably better in the long run (I have one, but I don’t have time to pick it up) but considering there are new consoles coming out, you’d have to get it modded AGAIN for them whereas you could just borrow a stick if you didn’t buy one for the new systems.

I say get what you want. Unless a big scene crops up around Killer Instinct, I don’t think you need to be in a rush to have your hardware compatible for Xbox One or PS4.

Now, if GGXrd gets pushed out really quickly, you might have a point. But I say outside of KI and GGXrd, there’s nothing of any consequence in the fighting game realm coming out that should force you to have a next gen compatible stick/hitbox yet.

I highly recommend it. It’s mad comfortable. Learning ASD+Space isn’t that huge either. Once you get used to it, you can even use the layout in 3D games comfortably.

I have a PC background and couldn’t stand the hitbox layout at all. Couldn’t stand WASD either. Played on Pad, now on Stick.
It’s all preference. Just try the stuff out. You can play Fighters on PC using your keyboard to see whether a Hitbox would be something for you, and if not can always buy a Pad/Stick afterwards.

Regarding the hitbox, me neither. But I wonder how anyone could be playing left handed and using WASD, instead of right handed and using arrows for directional inputs in fighters.
ASD and space bar are even more complex.

I always used arrows since day 1

though it was a time when FPS like Doom didnt use a mouse, so playing right handed was ok

I play on an arcade stick cross handed. Due to that it is more tiresome than a keyboard. A pad is out of the question. Not only due to left hand control which I have to get used to again, but also because it gives me thumb strains.

I’m a PC exclusive gamer and I’ve used every input device under the sun. The Hitbox was the best choice for me by a mile.Before the Hitbox arrived I started using ASD+SPACE, and it was a very smooth transition. I could pull off Guile dash ultras and Blazblue mid air double dashes within minutes of getting the Hitbox- can’t say that for any other device I’ve used.

Also, Smoke’s comment on the Hitbox becoming obsolete are well intentioned, but a bit misleading. If you buy an XBOX arcade stick it is going to be obsolete too, and nobody knows what the PS4 is going to be compatible with (to the best of my knowledge). So that is a sunk cost really. Actually, Hitbox is still probably your best option in this case- there could potentially be a firmware update for PS4/XBONE compatability for the PS360+ PCB, but there is virtually no chance of that for any stock PS3/Xbox stick.

this would be more familiar to a WASD layout: http://i.imgur.com/3zWFK.jpg

Hitbox is pretty awesome for Tekken… Wave dashing is a fucking joke it’s so damn easy.

does the hitbox work properly for console games without motion shortcuts? For some fighting games on the keyboard, like SF3 on GGPO, left, down, right (A-S-D) doesn’t work so well to execute a half circle motion. If you do it too fast, it won’t come out; you have to do it at a fixed pace.

In SF4 on the PC, that has motion shortcuts, A-S-D works great

GGPO uses an outdated FBA version.
with the newest mame versions, CPS2 emulation is greatly improved.
they’re going to improve it even more


now it is even possible to do a 270 motion on a keyboard on a CPS2 game much easier. so it is possible on a hitbox as well

If you’re having trouble in 3S for a DP on keyboard, try this:
S, S+D, S, S+D+(punch)

Basically, hold s, tap d 2x and hit punch on the second tap. DP should come out fine.