If I see another thread title with "SE" "TE" "SDCC" stick for sale

Its straight closed and infracted. I don’t care if its parts, case only or even a picture of the stick, put it in the SF4 thread. Thats why its there.

Val and Fir will give infractions also, no warnings, STRAIGHT INFRACTIONS!

Just a hopefully helpful suggestion.

Maybe in the SF4 thread it would help if you changed the title to include, “Matcatz SE, TE and ComiCon sticks here” Or something like that. I know the way my brain scans the internet the “SF4 Sticks” doesn’t catch as well when I see “SE” “TE” “ComiCon”.

It could be that I am on percacets and drugged off my ass for this pain. But does this mean the selling the SE TE or SDCC sticks are not allowed in the trade forum? I am pretty sure I am wrong, but some clarification would be great.

Nah, he means don’t start a new thread to sell SF4 related shit, like SE/TE sticks and comic con special edition sticks. Instead, post them for sale in this existing thread here. And don’t start a new WTB thread for that shit either, if you WTB an SE/TE/SDCC stick, post your WTB in this same thread also

I was wondering if you guys were going to start closing threads or not. I had one TE stick in addition to other stuff a while back and mine got closed while people kept opening new threads with just a TE stick and they didn’t.

what’s the point of having a separate thread for the madcatz sticks…they’re just arcade sticks like all the rest, they work for any game… are there going to be separate threads for all the branded versions of hori sticks and stuff too?

The difference is there’s already a thread for everything SFIV related and there’s a big gap in the amount of threads opened for people selling SE/TE’s and people selling Hori’s and other brands.

I guess, but it still just doesn’t make sense to me. Seems like it was originally started for the sfIV launch party stuff but now everything else is lumped in. The messed up part IMO is that just because someone is selling something that is even remotely related to SFIV (like these sticks that many people are interested in for other games), people lose the advantages of having a single thread for their sale like everyone else gets. When a person has a single thread dedicated to their sale, they usually know anyone going in there or posting has an interest in that specific product, plust their sale gets bumped when someone responds- which has the effect of increasing visibility. That’s the opposite in the case of everyone wanting to sell goods under a wide banner all being shoved into one thread… especially in this case where as you guys say- tons of people want to sell sfIV related stuff… they’re all burying eachother’s sales with every new post. On top of that it takes way more work to find a specific product you’re interested in…

IDK, I guess you guys are the mods so you can do whatever, but…seems like those selling ‘SFIV related’ products get the short end of the stick compared to others on this deal.

I will agree with some of the other posters by saying that I never bother checking the SFIV topic for deals because I have to go through so many posts, especially with all the useless garb in there.

I started using the thread as requested and i don’t get as much of a response as i do when i sell in the trading post. I agree with to much other stuff going on and it does seem awkward that i have to put it in the SF4 thread.