If i wanted to start looking for tournements in my area

just out of curiosity, where should i start if i wanted to look for some local sf players or i guess tournaments? :slight_smile:

i looked on Google my city followed by street fighter and only found one local event that took place about a month ago at a hotel(was sort of surprised, im not really in that big of a city hehe)

i remember growing up there were some decent arcades here(my arch nemesis Asians and this one guy with a lot piercings use to kick my ass in MK n Ki tho) but those arcades now are long gone.

anyways i sort of just like to expand my horizons a bit past Xbox live or a 1 star handicap vs my friends that dont even know how to play hehe.

go to the regional matchmaking area, find the thread or make one and ask around

there might not always be tournaments but you might be able to find people that play in your area

check out the Tournamens & Events section of these forums, or the Calendar on the toolbar at the top.
Also check out sf4answers.com