If it was Pokemon Moon & Sun, instead of Pokemon Sun & Moon, would that change what you get?


I hit enter too soon


Why are they leaving out Terry Bogard



Who plays Pokémon these days.


I’d buy Pokemon Uranus


Doesn’t matter which one comes first, you still get aids.


Red and Blue: Picked Red :tup:
Gold and Silver: Picked Silver :tdown:
Ruby and Sapphire: Picked Ruby :tup:
FireRed and LeafGreen: Picked FireRed :tup:
Black and White: Picked Black :tup:

Not a bad theory there, only picked one of the games not listed first; but to be fair fire = awesome so I always pick the red colored one.

With Sun and Moon, I’d prefer moon, but my son wants Son so daddy bites the bullet and gets Moon :looney: