If it wasnt for marvel would you be as good in other games

Would your reflexes in fighting games suck or do you think you would be as aggressive as are now in fighting games.Also do you think your mind games in a new game you just picked up wouldnt be as good.Oh this is for the people that learn marvel as a first game.

If it wasnt for marvel I wouldnt even care about fighting games lol!

i suck horrid balls in marvel, but its fun and easily my worst game, I just can’t get past the “why do combos when i have this nice little assist button” mentality

Shin Rodimus sucks at everything even resembling a 1/1 fighter now (he was my toughest comp in the saturn alpha 2 days), and I pretty much rape him for free atalmost any game but the one game he plays…as if it was good or something…damn you mvc2…you stole his skills.

Eh, I might be better at other games. Marvel lulled me into the mindset of patterns and formulaic traps, which isn’t really a good place to be in a more traditional game.

Marvel taught me how to be good with excution but mostly it taught me how to focus. After 6 years Marvel every game seems slow in comparison.

I’d be MUCH better not only in terms of fighters, but other genres as well.

Marvel is fun, and it has some good lessons to teach, but it also creates some horrid habits and mindsets of thinking.

Though honestly, any game is like that, all have their ups and downs. It’s just I’ve always believed that that technical tricks/patterns/mix ups are less important then depth and ability to adapt and improvise. And in many other games, this is very true.

Marvel is one of my worst games out of those that I play(I never bothered to learn all the infinites, er…any of them). I’d still be the same as I am now. I got my skill at fighting games from the Street Fighter series and various SNK games.

for me it was KOF not marvel

Since Marvel is the most recent fighter I learned to play, I’m going to go with an emphatic “Yes.”

marvel taught me alot about momentum in fighting games. plus nothing else is more hype!

Marvel saved my life…

marvel is not my thang but is sure hell as fun to watch.

Yea, I forgot, though marvel made me a quick adapter,but picking up a other side game like 3s and cvs2,I have to slow my reflexes down alot more.

I think marvel saved alot of people lives.For some reason the craziest fucking people play marvel.

I don’t think that I’m THAT wierd, although I do enjoy a good fj every now and then…

marvel introduced me to fjs and allowed me to become my own boss

Marvel consumes my life, even during sex.

i dont really play that much of Marvel, but its the most interesting to watch next to GG imo

It doesn’t need to be Marvel.
Once you get to a high level of play in any game, your performance in other games will increase as well because you have a better understanding of the genre as a whole.

Most of the way I think nowadays comes from all I learned playing CvS2 (my first serious title). It’s also prompted me to wanting to be a game designer.