If it will please the jury: the phoenix wrights team thread



any of the other 49 characters that help our favorite lawyer win his case.

gtfo me assists look like theyd be great for him, too bad trons not what she used to be.


The way I see it, the goal with Phoenix Wright is to get to Turnabout Mode as quickly as possible. He’s not much of a character without it. He needs to be on point to get that evidence, so that makes him a point character on any team, and the rest of the team revolves around buying him time to get that evidence and get into Turnabout Mode.

He’s going to need assists that will help defend him attack from as many angles as possible. The way I think about it, it’s obvious that something like Ammy’s Cold Star which comes out in front and puts the opponent into a bunch of blockstun, will be great for buying time when the opponent is attempting to attack from the front. However, teleporters will be able to get around an attack like that, as long as they don’t get stuck in stun. And also, the Maya shield move seems to be pretty good at protecting the front. So how to keep Phoenix safe from teleporters?

Doom Missiles, for one. The homing capability of the missiles makes them great for keeping track of opponents who move unpredictably. Another good one might be Sentinel drones, which start behind the point character so I think they help cover that area. Shuma-Gorath’s Mystic Ray assist covers pretty much the whole screen for a good amount of time, so that’s another one. And of course Doctor Strange’s Daggers of Denak home as well, so that’s some good protection.

For other assists which offer strong/long-lasting protection, there’s Haggar’s Double Lariat which while nerfed from vanilla will still offer some very good protection. Hulk’s anti-air Gamma Charge, while not lasting very long, is still one of the few true anti-air GTFO assists in the game. Ghost Rider’s Hell Spire stays out a while and I believe it’s pretty difficult to hit him out of. Rocket Raccoon’s Pendulum (Log Trap!) covers a huge area and wallbounces.

So for my preliminary team, I think I’d say maybe Phoenix Wright (Pressing The Witness)/Rocket Raccoon (Pendulum)/Doctor Doom (Hidden Missiles). Perhaps I’ll try that one out next week and see how it goes.


From a lot of the footage I saw on stream, maya shield isn’t very useful outside of the corner at all and even in the corner can be gotten around fairly easily (especially teleporters, duh) so he’s definitely going to need an assist to cover him vertically (dante) to get the most time to get evidence. As I just said, teleporters are a huge problem. I think drones would be amazing with PW but they’re quite unsafe to throw out randomly if you can’t protect sent by rushing down the enemy’s character. Maybe maya shield will come out farther than sentinel, making it free safe drone spam to collect evidence, but I haven’t seen anything to support that yet.

I was thinking an OTG would be tremendously useful (as they are for anyone), especially to land your objections easier (assuming you can land it after an otg assist with the hitstun decay in the game), but it would sacrifice the safety of collecting evidence against a lot of characters.

Day 1, I’ll try playing Phoenix Wright (Pressing), Ghost rider (OTG), Sentinel (Drones) and see how it goes. I really want to try dante in the 2nd spot for jam session, but sacrificing the otg might be problematic. I was also considering putting wesker back on the team, but I’d think PW and GR have more synergy than PW and wesker, but who knows?


First Wright might be better in the second slot to take full advantage of DHC to Maya Hyper or even kill the char and have enough time to get three pieces of evidence.

My projected team is Spider-Man (Web Ball), Phoenix Wright (Press the Witness), Hawkeye (Kamikaze Shots). Web Ball is a good projectile and if it still has its untechable recovery it will be really good for resets and zoning, Press the Witness + Turnabout Mode = too good, and Kamikaze Shots for zoning and also protection from teleports if the assist has hitbox when the arrow is shot upwards and not only when the rain of arrows fall from the sky.

Safe DHC from Spider-Man to Wright if its necessary and Crawler Assault to Maya’s Hyper to give time to Wright to pick evidence. After Wright is in Turnabout the strategy is to move it to the last slot and keep the rest of the match as much as possible with Hawkeye and Spider-Man and both have enough chemistry back and forth to DHC one another while also taking full advantage of Wright’s assist. If things go bad I leave my trump card for last and even though Wright works better with assists, in Turnabout Mode he is strong enough to keep up by himself while making big damage and just imagining how dangerous he can be in this mode with Xfactor lv3 makes me feel that I will take fill advantage of the mode and leave the lv3 Hyper only as last resource.

That’s a summary of what I have in mind at least for now for this team.

If Spider-Man doesn’t work I am thinking of changing it with Chris as he is looking as a posible anti zoner in this game and Grenade Launcher to Maya looks very promising and Chris Machine gun or Claymore assist can be very useful for both Hawkeye and Wright.




I want to make a Phoenix Wright/Shuma-gorath/Nemesis team (Team Bad Fanfiction) and here’s how I think it’ll go down.

P.Wright - Press the witness
Shuma Gorath - Mystic ray
Nemesis - RL slam

essentially what we have here is Wright on point with two assists that cover him decently enough for gathering evidence. Shuma’s mystic ray hits full screen and forces the opponent to block long enough for Wright to get evidence going or throw it away if he needs to. It’ll also come in handy for when in courtroom mode zoning. Nemesis assist is useful for combos and surprising people, since it has some slight super armor and Wright doesn’t have any notable ground bounce moves out of Turnabout mode.

One Phoenix has all three evidence and gets into courtroom mode, the idea is to tag in Shuma (PW has plenty of safe ways to get shuma in. Maya super for instance.). Shuma needs to get a mystic stare combo going and TAC into Wright Objection (Shuma’s exploding eyeballs can makefor uncounterable TAC’s) and build an easy 2 - 3 bars necessary for making Phoenix Wright into a beast.

Once Wright is in turnabout mode, both Shuma and Nemesis are quite scary with an invincible assist backing them up, especially nemesis, who has the nastiest air command grabs in the game imo. I can see players wanting to jump a lot to avoid Wright’s assist.

Their DHC’s can flow together nicely, with Nemesis adding a hefty chunk of damage to either Shuma or Wright’s combos. Shuma’s assist also benefits nemesis greatly and helps him get in or zone, since it covers all his blind spots.

For 4 meter, I can also see Phoenix Wright throwing out a Maya super into Shuma’s Chaos Dimension for an unblockable damage setup, for when you really need something dead. Shuma Gorath also serves as a nice anti-Phoenix (the other Phoenix) due to the way he drains meter off air throws and can perform uncounterable side-tacs. Chaos Dimension setups also have a good chance to kill her coming in.


Playing Phoenix Wright is very very fun I might add, and I basically paired him up with keepaway assists of sorts. I gave him Vergil with Rapid Slash, regardless if the opponent gets hit or not the move has allot of hits/blockstun and it will give Wright valueable time for Evidence, I haven’t found a suitable third member of that team yet, I tried Dr. Strange but I’m not a really fan of his playstyle, Ghost Rider’s chain of rebuttal seemed to work well with keeping them away but it didn’t do so well when they got in close. I was thinking Sentinel drones or maybe Iron Fist’s “supposed” great assist according to Maxmillian. However I don’t really want to play Iron Fist. lol.


Still in development with me, but here’s a general idea I thought of.

Get a character who has a THC that otgs. I’m sure with thcs in general will let you get in objections because of Maya’s lack of recovery. But you can THC cancel PW’s overhead as well.


I’m going with Wright/West or Wesker/Nova

Wesker seems to be against this team, but he is good for one thing; building Meter for Wright for his Level 3. He also gives Wright an additonal OTG assist for extending whatever combos he MIGHT have. Frank is there for one reason, if Phoenix’s THC is Maya’s hissy fit, I think he can get to at least level 3, possibly 4. If not, Wesker is the second slot. Nova is there due to his shield assist, because it lasts a long time, and can buy time for Wright combined with Maya.


i’ve only had my hands on the game for a few hours but what really seems to work out is heisen-ko (im sure i spelled that wrong)/ wesker/ phoenix

i start by using the armor hyper switch out for phoenix and gather that evidence… heisen-ko’s assist in conjuction with maya really help phoenix with the time he needs to get all the evidence he needs in order to get to turnabout mode. i usually get my objections by somebody getting hit with heisen-ko or after an air combo calling wekser and objecting… the only thing i need now are combo’s


Still going to use Phoenix Wright/Hsien-Ko/Sentinel. I still don’t think putting Wright in the last slot for the invincible assist is a good idea.

Imagine this scenario: You get three pieces of evidence, hit Turnabout Mode, and switch him out to put him last. Now, you lost two characters and are down to Turnabout Wright, while your opponent has, say, Wesker and Akuma. You activate level 3 X-Factor, manage to hit him with the fingers and combo it into his Level 3, and Wesker is down! Now it’s just down to you and Akuma… now what? You’re Turnabout mode is over, you have no evidence, and you’re out of X-Factor. You can’t take the time to gather evidence again, or even get anywhere close enough to attack him with your slow mobility and terrible normals, because you don’t have an assist to back him up, leaving you with a character that’s worse than Hsien-Ko on point*.* And you’re up against a level 3 X-Factor Akuma.

You’re basically throwing away an entire character slot for an invincible assist button, which IMO just isn’t worth it. Putting him in the second slot as an assist would be smart, like most people do with Hsien-Ko or even Haggar, but not third. He needs a good assist behind him if you want to get anything done with him. If anyone has seen the sad sight of LL.ND being stuck with only Hsien-Ko against a Wesker/Akuma/what have you, that’s basically what you’re in store for.


i never thought about it like that… so make sure wright dies first? what does good synergy look like with him then?


i’d run PW(p.t.w.)/MODOK(barrier)/Doom(beam)

use barrier and beam to get u into the second mode, then TAC into MODOK. Tags aren’t that bad, and MODOK can get a crapload of cubes off of down and up exchanges.

Use invincible assist to help MODOK zone, OR to help compliment his rushdown. Other option is to TAC all the way into doom, as doom’s mixups with an invincible assist to cover him are incredible.

TAC Modok into PW, and combo an objection. Play from there. AT least this is how i’m going to start approaching the team. If not i’m gonna cut MODOK for Dr Strange instead.


Not really “dies first” just don’t use him as an anchor. Once he get’s to Turnabout, I’d say it’s best to put him in the second slot. That way, your point character can still have an invincible assist, but Phoenix Wright won’t be useless on his own. As for how to get to Turnabout, I dunno, I’m just using Hsien-Ko and Sentinel because they’re two of my favorite characters >_>

Also, Phoenix Wright can use his Maya Smelting special, DHC into Hsien-Ko’s Hyper Armor, then raw tag back into Wright. Maya lingers on screen the whole time while being completely invincible, so DHCing into Lei-Lei is safe, and it gives me time to collect evidence, and when she’s gone I have a golden Hsien-Ko and Sentinel Drones to buy more time. I dunno what I’ll do once he has Turnabout though, since Hsien-Ko already has an invincible assist.


Feeny/Frank(shopping cart) work well. Frank pushes them away for at least 2 evidence actions. Also gives you time to throw maya out there while Frank recovers. Third assist I would assume you’d want helping him cover the air.


Well I think the 3rd person should not only do that but be able to help get FW to level 4 quickly.


Right now I’m planning on a Phoenix/Tron/Morrigan team. I know Tron’s fire got nerfed but I’d be using it to make jumps over maya tougher instead of a interrupt. I won’t be getting my hands on the game for awhile but I was wondering if someone could test out a dhc into the Maya super from either of tron’s lvl 1 supers. If Maya doesn’t knock the opponent down it would give Phoenix ample time to hit the bridge to the turnabout.


I’m still experimenting with different Wright teams. So far, I got Wright (Witness)/Doom (Beam)/Sentinel (Drones) and Wright (Witness)/Vergil (Uppercut)/Nemesis (Rocket). I might put in a Jam Session assist somewhere in the mix cuz dealing with Ghost Rider is a bitch.


It seems to me that Hulk assist the best method to get rid of teleporters. His Maya shield is easy to jump over. Wright players have to be cautious to get one piece of evidence when the Maya shield is up. Get too greedy and you’ll get punished.


As long as you’re sitting on top of the shield, you are protected from both sides. You just have to be very aware of where maya is going to appear and be there before she gets there if you can (according to the guide, 1/3 of the screen out from whicver side you’re on when she is called). So many hard counters though. Skrull cant grab him through the shield. Viper can seismo behind the shield or until maya is blown off. Its really rough.

I’m using Hulk and Vergil. Even on block, that one Vergil’s y assist pushes them pretty far back, and he ends up behind them, so they really cant punish it post block.


One thing to note is that Captain America’s shield will hit Phoenix on the way back when behind the shield, I’m not so sure when he sits on the shield. Wright needs a good beam and a good anti-air/anti-teleport assist to get the right evidence. Also does anyone know how much HP Wright recovers with the meat he picks up.