If it's yellow, let it mellow

Strictly southern thing?

I fuck asian bitches


I only use toilets for shit.

if it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown… let it mellow.

if it smells like trout, get on out. if it smells like salmon, keep on jammin.

I’ve never heard of that, but that’s pretty disgusting.

I thought they only did that shit during droughts and water rationing.

Granted I don’t really give a fuck if I find piss in the pot. I just piss on top and flush BOTH DEM NIGGAS.

I find it pretty nasty and bitch if it happens in my house. ^_^;

Wait a minute we’re not talking about snakes?

Ah, yes. The sink is easy access!

It’s right at lap level but if you’re short you could work out a series of tubes.

I drink HELLA water during the day so it is not so bad if I do it. However, having worked at a place with a large public restroom some people have horribly foul piss coming out of them. Fucking horrible. Just flush it.

I had orange pee once but some mod here in GD lock my thread before i got the answer to my question…

Flush the damn toilet. If you’re gonna let it sit there, you might ass well piss in a bucket and save yourself a trip to the bathroom.

Aw man, I thought we were going to discuss the Mellow Yellow soft drink…but yes, always flush, whether you piss, shit, puke, or just toss your hair you pull out while brushing your hair.

This. I can’t stand to find anything in a toilet besides water. No hair, no loogees, no logs, no frogs. :tup:

If its brown, let it stick around, then flush it down.

Didn’t understand until I did a quick search

A phrase used to determine the appropriate circumstances under which to flush a toilet. Urine was to be left unflushed in the toilet bowl while feces were to be flushed right after bowel evacuation. This was used in efforts of water conservation either in the sense of environmental conservation or the saving of clean toilet tank water during power outages in remote areas.

Well, I sometimes let it go in the middle of the night so I don’t wake anybody up. Just put down the toilet lid.

However, whenever I take a dump it’s getting flushed no matter what.