If KOF XIII comes out on consoles before Evo 2011

Do you think it’ll be part of the competition then? I know they’re not into SNK fighters but I think it would attract a pretty good crowd. Even AH3 has potential to be in Evo 2011.

Don’t see why not, especially if there’s a good scene for it.

Yeah if the scene gets big enough, it should be a shoe-in. That kinda gets me thinking though. Marvel 3 will be out by next EVO, so will BB:CS, so will this game, so will the new MK, so will maybe some more games. Do you think we’ll have more tournaments? Or just have to eliminate some games? I really don’t want to see the latter happen, because I don’t want scenes being forgotten, and I would feel horrible for Melty players and the like for their scene to be dropped.

I do not think the crowd for KOF will be big enough.

Wiz always says “The best way to get your game at Evo is for your scene to support the game”.

I wonder why you think that? http://i.imgur.com/itqDE.png

It will be interesting to see the EVO 2012 lineup with all the great games coming out. BB:CS, SSF4 (+ rolento?!), 2 versions of SF vs. tekken, MVC3, KOF13…woah!!

KOFXIII would be hype.

My Predictions for Evo 2k11 Line up:
T6 (maybe 7?)
and if it is out in time:
SF3:3s Online

Good prediction, but there’s no way a T7 would come out then.

No TvC?

I could honestly see KOFXIII make it to Evo as long as SNK doesn’t drop the ball on the port.

I honestly don’t think MVC3 or MK9 will be out in enough time to gauge the scenes to see how well they’ll be supported. And who knows for sure on BB:CS whether or not ArkSys will have a new version in arcades at the same time next year that coerces the BB community to drop out of Evo again. Also, if AH3 doesn’t get a stateside release, it probably won’t garner that much attention here. Although, Melty didn’t have a stateside release either, so we’ll see. But we’re forgetting about HDR, more than likely, it will be there.

If BB:CS stays current:


Invitational/Exhibition Events:
SSF4 Women’s

Honestly, it’s getting to the point where I keep wondering if Evo will have to change their format to include more games. There are too many games garnering attention. Melty Blood did well, AH3 has potential, you know MVC3 will get a scene, and in the next year or two, we’re also going to have TxSF/SFxT/MK9, all three with potential to have big scenes. It’s going to be tough to leave any game out in the dark, and the only one I could see dwindling in numbers would be TVC with MVC3 coming out and having striking similarities, so we’re looking at potentially 11 titles that could easily be at Evo.

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