If Magneto were banned at EVO

If Magneto were banned at MVC2, EVO, Would the same players still have won each year?

The new top tier would be Roll, Servbot, and Heavy D. :bluu:

J-Wong would be pissed

sanford doesnt play magneto and still wins. probably wouldn’t make any difference for most marvel players as I seen many people play without magneto.

you should make a thread about cvs2 though. what if roll canceling was banned :rofl:

if magnus was banned, marvel would be boring as shit for most ppl <_<

wtf? Ban storm and then ask the question again. Since when does magneto win a lot? He’s fucking awesome, but so hard to stay consistent and fresh with. No magneto = oh wellz…

Don’t take away Magneto. The MvC2ers will frickin knife you.

I’ll just save ya’ll the trouble.