If Marvel had a Draft

Im bored… If marvel had a league that paid good money and had a draft like the NBA what do you think the lottery would look like ? Here’s my choices.

  1. Justin Wong ( sure money )

  2. Sanford Kelly

  3. Chunksta

  4. Soo Mighty

  5. Duc Do

  6. Reset

  7. Yipes

  8. Smooth Viper

  9. J Mar

  10. Row Tron ( Good upside )


  1. Demon Hyo

  2. Chris Schmidt

  3. Potter

  4. Wigfall

  5. David Lee ( good upside )

  6. Ricky Ortiz ( good upside )

  7. Finesse

  8. Eder

  9. Crizzle

  10. ORG

  11. Robzilla

  12. Golden Nismor

  13. Clock Work


25.Mike Ross

  1. DPC

  2. Illan

  3. Xecutioner

  4. Combo Fiend


END OF 1st ROUND ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  1. Cable Guy

  2. Randy Luu


  1. Mike Infinite

  2. Shady K

  3. Preppy

  4. See Jay

  5. Killa Kelly

  6. Mega man DS

  7. Illan jr

  8. clockwork jr

  9. I dont know all the names so i’ll just stop there I know I forgot a few like Alex Garvin , Sentinaaaal , Isaac, Pig hadoken , Bill, and some others but I’d have to erase to much to put them in lol so there you have it the 1st round pick of the marvel draft ! Im hecka bored and cannot sleep !

A character draft would be way more entertaining, imo.

I would doubt that, after the top 8 characters are gone then it would be really dull.

randy luu LOL

sanford @ 2?


how is fanatiq at number 30…That nigga should be at number uno.

LOL, I was going to chime in with HULK NUMBER ONE!!!


I forget his name, but the really white kid that was smoking the tobacco in the Dark Prince video. He’d definitely be first, and I don’t even know if he plays marvel.

that was RESET, he’s at number 6.

chris schmidt is a STEAL at #12

fantasy marvel! make it happen for evo worlds.

chris s is too low

Clock needs to be higher simply because he’s a walking mismatch to over half the entire first round.

Jmar and row should be much higher!

I also think kuan should be on the list.

petey f at number 2


lol at some