If Mike Ross is the People's Champ, is Marn the People's Troll?


The man is bringing a lot of hype and entertainment to NCR, and he’s doing it by beating some of the best. Thought I’d link some of the matches





Marn is entertaining…but kinda shady.


He is playing well in this tourney. Good job for him. He trolls hard so that his ultimate charm I suppose.


I hate people like him, extremely cocky and always trying to get attention but I do agree that he is doing well so far.



that commentator with mike ross is really annoying


The underboob sweat!





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RIP Marn 2012? Whats that about?


no, that is totally fair. i hear marn’s personality really rubs a lot of people the wrong way. his mika though has been hype to watch at ncr, wanted to highlight that more than marn the person. (i’m more of an infiltration fan myself).


He’s the people’s plaguebearer.



He’s hype and I’m glad he’s tearing up the sometimes stale and too nice SF scene.


Marn is funny and entertaining, a true troll, however he is also really really sketchy. Don’t sponsor him, do not make any money related agreements or anything else of the sort with him.


Prediction, there’s gonna be more shade in this thread thrown at Marn than the entire Persian army’s archer corps at the 300 Spartans.


marns going places


not evo grand finals but places.

if there was a special evo, marn would own it.


This community is bipolar when it comes to Marn. You all hate him but then love him 10 seconds later.


Marn is the people’s cancer. The guy is a straight up asshole, if I ran these big SF tournaments I would make sure his ass doesn’t get anywhere near one after everything he’s done.


I posted that previous comment when I hated him. I love him now. That cute tournament rigging slob, I want to pinch his adorable cheeks.


As far as I know there’s three heels in SF. Marn, F. Champ, and NuckleDu to some extent. Heels bring more fun to the competitive scene (whether to root against them or be entertained by them) so I like them. I just don’t like if they get too rude, sometimes F. Champ does.