If modern SF is too defensive, why not just kill the block button?

If they just got rid of block and instituted a parry/teching system you could still negate attacks, but the momentum of the game would be much more intense, with nearly every directional press being forward. Meh?:l:

2010 is on fire


if srk 2010 is too shitty, why not just delete this thread

Fuck you.

That is all.


Kill your self.

its a 09’er so im not surprised

iirc the op tried to make legitimate posts at some point i think he threw in the towel and is trying his hand at “trolling” now dunno

SRK 2010 is on a roll. Keep it up.

he’s 09, good job reading that 09er.

wait shit

quote this post if you want userids back

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hey, why not remove all of the back inputs
everyone walk forward into the mouth of madness

Fuck directional inputs, everyone should be constantly moving forward automatically. All you can do are moves and jumps.

what happens when you jump over someone?

edit: i’m retarded, you would just turn around and move forward again


Freaking '10ers.

Block button is stupid. '10ers are stupid.

do you know what else is stupid? how your entire posting gimmick is ‘every post i make is about how i am above the new users i joined along with’ god its apalling just stop it already

interesting idea