If MvC2 comes out online, what would you like to see in it?

If MvC2 comes out for Live and PSN before July, what would you like to see in the game?

Please make reasonable suggestions. Maybe someone from Capcom will take a look and use it.

Here are the most popular suggestions so far, in order (kinda):

  • GGPO (includes lobbies, quick match, ability to play your skill or higher and all that fun)

  • Arcade perfect

  • Quick Rematch

  • Better training mode (qrecord, command inputs, easier/faster way of selecting modes, challenge mode)

  • Color Edit

  • Random Select

  • Option to use your own music

  • Survival mode

  • All Characters unlocked

  • Tutorials

  • Survival mode

  • Abillity to select your stage in training mode

  • Bring older stages from MvC and such

  • Better music

Please don’t flame. Contribute. At worst this thread will be a waste. At best it can help in making the next MvC2 version better.

I would like to see both a classic and rebalanced modes ala HDR. I at least want to have some good odds with my Cap. America/Venom/Gouki combo.

4-player lobbies and tag matches just for fun.

New music.

Full character unlocks from start.

New Morrigan sprite.



You’re not getting that.


I can dream can’t I :sad:

I would like to have the ability to import Mugen characters.

Wtf? You retarded or something or is this bait?

Not for another couple months, forum rules

jk =P

but anyways I would like to see

This alone would be a guarantee buy for me

a challenge mode similar to SFIV’s.

a whole bunch of gameplay tweaks, srsly

psylocke needs to fly and be able to tri-jump. I guarntee she’d be above magneto .

About remixing gameplay stuff, if we’re expecting the game by Evo, they probably won’t change anything (or have already changed everything). I think suggestions like the music are easier to implement, and therefore more feasible. Maybe if MvC2 sells really well we’ll get MvC2:HDR or even MvC3 in the future, kinda like HF sold well and then was followed by HDR.

If it comes out for Xbox Live you can play your own music anyways through the dashboard.

lol these suggestions sure are reasonable.

this site would fucking explode if they took out anything from the actual gameplay, like all those nasty infinites. i doubt gameplay will/should be changed at all, but simple things like a friendlier training mode and a quarters lobby system would be amazing.

proper randomselect would be nice

here’s a suggestion:

color edit



ggpo netcode

Came into the thread just to post that.



  • no input delay when they program the game for PS3/360. Some people are reporting input delay in offline matches for HDR on the PS3.

  • online multi-player set up like HDR, lobbies, quick matching, etc.

  • easy button mapping option like HDR

  • a remix mode and an arcade perfect mode (aka classic mode)

  • redrawn art or HD sprites. Upscaled sprites look god awful

  • tutorial movies like Sirlin included for ST with CCC and not these lamely produced image slide shows that HDR and Puzzle Fighter HD had