If mvc2 had used the same control scheme as the previous games


Would tiers change? The ability to use medium attacks to extend combos rather than having to go through light attacks would have made for even more viable insane combos (due to some attacks having more range/wider attack boxes), right? Double/triple-jump characters would almost certainly get a benefit off this control scheme, based on the insane shit they could do in the previous games (double air magic chains).

*assists would be 2 separate buttons, apart from the 6 attacks, tagging would be fierce/roundhouse + whatever assist button, team supers fireball and those 2 buttons and for full-team super fireball and both assist buttons…but screw that, my question is about regular attacks.


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Dude, this ain’t gamefaqs. Give your honest opinion. Do you think anything would change? Would there be a shift in tiers? Would we see more outrageous combos?


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I wonder how much higher Jill, Jin, and Silver Samurai would rise, given Jill’s multi-jumps, and Jin and SS’s nice mediums being instantly available…anybody got any real input?


I guess we’ll never know…


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I know this is why I did not really play MvC2. I was use to the button layout on the other games & did not feel like wasting my money learning the new controls. I have just now started playing it because we have it on Dreamcast at work. I think it is a great game but I hate when they change something that has been around for so long i.e. button layout. I see why they did it for the assists but it still bothered me enough to not get in to it in the arcade.


To be honest, I would be more comfortable with the game if it had 6. I get really confused when I play once in a while and see that my HP is actually Assist 1.


i don’t see how having mediums would change anything. most characters with double jump already have double air magic chains (cyc, psy, cammy, etc). hell, even people who don’t have double jump got them (mag, IM, storm, sim, etc). but the thing is, double magic chains are garbage in this game. damage scaling just destroys the purpose of it, so might as well do a light, medium, medium xx super.

it would however cause some of the top tiers tougher to play, since airdash now requires 3 buttons, and fly/unfly requires 3 buttons.


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it would definetly without a doubt change the way the game is played. The medium attacks all come out at different angles and speeds, they would be used for a variety of situations(look at magneto in xvsf, his air mk is the shit)

more counter hit angles, more rushdown patterns ect and obviously you would be able to do different combos.

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Hmm since the game has 2 buttons for assist, and most Capcom games utilize 6 buttons, I wonder if this would mean that assists wouldn’t had been in the game?
I could think of some ways to do assists besides having one button to call on a character, but that would make some combos harder to do.


Well they could set Assists to PP or KK and re-arrange Specials to PPP or KKK. If assists weren’t in this game there’d be nothing stopping Mags from completely crapping all over the cast who isn’t Sent. Oh wait It’s already like that anyways :lol:

(Well it’s universally accepted that Storm and Sent are above Mags but w/e)