If Nintendo created a Fighting Game with Health Bars

Alright, i’m curious to know how you guys would feel if the next Nintendo fighting game instead of Smash Bros was in typical fighting game style.

Like, with health bars and you K.O. the opponent. Inputs and Motions to do moves.
So, think Street Fighter, Marvel, King of Fighters or whatever but with all the Nintendo greats.

Would you prefer that over another Smash Bros game? Or would you rather have Smash Bros.

If they went for the typical fighting game style then I could probably bring myself to give it a whirl. Although I imagine it would be ridiculous, broken or (most likely) both. Although when I think of “typical fighting game style”, I’m imagining something reminiscent of SC or GG for some reason (first things that came to mind).

Ummm…Power Stone?

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I’d rather have Smash.

I don’t wanna have to toss eggs with Yoshi as an actual strategy, I’d prefer to do it just to annoy people, lol.

Smashboards will ban combos because the “makes the game less competitive” or something like that.

i’d be curious about it depending on how deep Nintendo took the engine.

I’ve never been into Smash, so i’d definitely have it on my radar.

They did its called Joy Mech Fight for the Famicom.

In Melee they had Stamina Mode where your character had health (not sure if Brawl had it)

It would be nice to see a traditional fighting game version of smash but i dont think i would like it cause it would not be different from all the other fighters then. The way it is now is sick. Yeah Nintendo isn’t going to patch things to make it balanced for tournys but tournament players are not the people they are targeting and frankly don’t care.

Someone should go to the Smash Community break all their Wiis, Gamecubes and Smashs, put a programming book and some crayons in their hands and tell them if they want **If they want a competitve Smash Bros title MAKE ONE! **Simple as that

it would be Street Fighter with a bunch of shitty characters in it

I’m not gonna quote all the posts I wanna respond to so I’ll just address them individually.

If we were to get a traditional fighting game from Nintendo, I think it’d be notable for using chains. Nintendo’s all about accessibility (even if it’s stupid sometimes) so I don’t see them going with links ala SF4.

@Little Goten
Well, I believe you can do it with strategy.

Funny you mention that as some Melee players can’t stand the lack of hitstun in Brawl. Some people like combos and others don’t as they feel it’s annoying and you go by a script (which is partially true) which is why they like DI.

Well, they’ve been modding Brawl since it came out. Take a look at Project M if you got time. They’ve turned Lucario into a chain-based character.

I know, Kuma. I just troll with it, lol

I thought people didn’t play smash because the base community is awful and you have to learn the controller (which changes with each game) before you can even play the game.

I know Killer Instinct was Rare, but didn’t Nintendo have a hand in it? Not nearly enough to have it be called a Nintendo-developed fighter, but hey.

What are you talking about Nintendo characters are awesome Link, Samus, Mario, Luigi, Star fox.

If SRK created a forum for Smash would we stop getting shitty topics about Smash here?

They did, and the answer is “No”.

but nintendo tried to make a legit fighter before there was even a smash game thought of


they like what?

DI aka Directional Influence. When a player is hit, they can control the trajectory for an attack and the directions you can go depend on the attack. For example, an attack make me go forward in the air by default, but if I move the stick in the opposite direction, I can go the other way around. Players can read which attack they’ll do and which direction they’ll change the trajectory to (if at all).