If Phil Fish, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, gamersgate, nothourshield, Anonymous, and Lizard squad

were all featured in one South Park episode, what would the plot be about?

Dude you got to be in it as well

McRibs sitting in a mcdonalds somewhere like “I detect a disturbance in the force…”

Nice knowing ya BeGuiled.

He mentioned the G word! Run!

He must not have been around the site when they shut down the “G-Word” Thread. He didn’t know any better McRib, be lenient

fuuuuuuuuuuuck good question legend my mind is blown thinking about it

It’d probably be an epic trilogy like Imagination land.

Videogames, probably.
Maybe, Cartman would say something really offensive on the internet, and a bunch of people would get really upset.
Then to save him, they have to hack the people who were upset…but it kind of backfires.
Anyway, they all learn a lesson about tolerance and not being mean on the internet.

That’s what I think it would be about. What about you?

Nigga Hush!

BeGuiled about to become BeRekt.

1/10 BeGuiled thread

would not read again

I’m not sure but Zoe Quinn’s hot, nude picks would definitely make an appearance.

So this is a BeGuiled thread, hmmm…

I’m really hoping you intended for this post to be sarcastic.

I’m curious. Who do you think she would pick?

Zoe Quinn is hot? y’all must be some real funnylooking people.

The beguiled trap tradition continues.

Cartmen getting over his head and some how Stan gets to be part of the human centipede again.
Princess Kenny punches Anita Sarkeesian, and Lizard Squad hackes everyone
And it be up to Token and Butters to save the day using a old VHS tape of the Wizard (the movie staring Fred Savage).

Fuck this topic… Let’s change it up. We’re tiering donuts! I’m talking chocolate, glazed, nuts and sprinkles assists too!

Anita is banging and she has nice tits too.