If RayRay took Ryu off of his team do you think he could beat Chris G?

No offense to him, of course. He is an amazing player and all but everyone (me included) is saying that Ryu is just holding him down from winning Big Two. Or should he just make a counterpick team to Chris’ team?

Just to give you a heads up, you probably could have started this discussion in the umvc3 general discussion thread, or maybe even the stream and commentary or the tier theory discussion thread (don’t remember exact name).

Yeah, sorry. But I thought making a new thread would grab the attention of people who aren’t actively on that thread.

Nope. There is no true counter pick to Chris G’s team now that he’s running Morrigan/Vergil/Doctor Doom. Vergil/Strider beats Morrigan but Missiles counters Vajra. It’s truly not just because Chris’ team is cheap as shit, it’s because Chris is just an amazing player. He generally plays other characters against Chris anyways; right now its Magneto/Doom/Sentinel which is good for sniping Missile assist but then Magneto dies and Doom/Sentinel gets shit on my Morri Doom.

So was there no true counter pick to his team when he was using Morri/Doom/Akuma also?

Sentinel assist/anchor is more the problem than point Ryu (although point ryu is pretty mediocre). You literally cannot get sentinel assist out when fighting morridoom. He just becomes soul fist/soul drain bait which gives morrigan ridiculous amount of meter.

Yeah I never understood drones assist vs. flood teams. It’s literally almost an invalidated assist now against flood teams. Sentinel’s huge hurt box deactivating the assist on any touch is pretty much GGPO during soul fists. Even before AV. Bolts if the new screen control assist that can actually fight flood with the correct points attached.

This didn’t need a new thread, but for the sake of answering this, RayRay tweeted, or it might of been on Facebook, that he can punish damn near everything with Ryu/Disruptor. Even when he switched to better characters, he couldn’t punish as much as he could with low-mid tier Ryu and disruptor. Dude put so much time into him, he knows anything and everything about this team.

If he were to switch characters, it might end up hurting his chances to beat Chris G.

Unfortunately that’s kind of a sad state to be in where the game is headed any way. Even PR Rog changed up from Wolverine + 2 other good guys that will get blown up by the flood, to Wolverine + scary support/anchor that can at least HAM through it all.

If he doesn’t get rid of Ryu he needs at least something cheaper than Sent in the back or make Mag the anchor and put Vergil or Strange second. Something that has a better shot of clearing shit up.

Agreed. Its gonna be a game of shells and a point character.

insert character/Doom/Vergil
insert character/Doom/Strider
insert character/Doom/Phoenix
insert character/Magneto/Vergil
insert character/Vergil/Strider

I see it happening in the future. I played Marvel 2 alot so its cool with me lol.

Yeah Doom/Vergil was my first cheapo shell and it’s good to see that it’s one of the ones that’s starting to take off in tourneys. Vergil anchor has been the shit in Japan for a while any ways just because of the XF3 durp and the support it provides through meter. You can always just try to escape incoming mix up and DHC in Vergil if the matchup is really bad for Doom.

It’s not as support heavy assist wise as I like…but DHC/THC blow up is really important now with the flood where it’s not bad to just spend the meter if you have it. Having a strong assist for the 3rd is important but going HAM with meters and stopping the opponent from calling an assist will probably start to get stronger.

Doom/Ammy is the best version of that which still gives you a strong neutral assist and solid anchor.

I’m waiting for someone to come in from left field and blow Chris out of the water with a low tier team that counters the shit out of Morridoom… Something crazy, like Jill/ Ammy with the counter assist/ Strange, but that’s more than likely not gonna happen.

You’re looking for another Kusoru basically?

No dormammu?

Yeah man, that hype stuff. Kusoru is a great example, but I’d like to see a more viable team that isn’t considered a joke. Kusoru mainly abused the fact that pros didn’t look into any of the “lower tier” characters capabilities, and blew everyone up at Final Round with Viewtiful Joe, and RR assist. I don’t really mind that people play the best characters, it’s only natural in the FGC. What I love to see is people taking under-utilized characters and discovering something game changing. Pretty much how Morridoom was discovered, which is kind of what I’m talking about. At first no one played Morrigan, then Sou-soul fist+Astral vision was discovered. I see a lot of potential in the said “low tier” characters, but they are over looked because they are 1. Not as easy to play as the top tier, and 2. People would rather do what works, then try to figure things out for themselves. At least in the tournament scene. Though, I could be wrong, as I have no idea what it is like outside of youtube.

he will never beat chrisg because magneto is too fair

RayRay is a badass with his characters, but I would like to see him replace Ryu with Dante or Taskmaster.

They have some similar stuff going on as Ryu, but I feel they’re a bit stronger and could help with his ChrisG problem. So maybe:
]Mags/Dante/Sentinel or even Mags/Sentinel/Dante could work
Another option would be to consider Akuma.

I’d rather see him play Akuma since Akuma is a better Ryu. Then again I’m not sure I want him to switch his teams, because I like watching his Ryu.

I really don’t know the answer to this. I’m not even sure if you can counter pick Chris G’s team, as he doesn’t just rely on the bullethell as a gimick, but he can actually use his characters. So there’s nothing to say Chris G can’t adapt to whatever character changes people may make.

I was happy for PR Rog to pick up the win against Chris G. Not because I wanted Chris G to lose, but PR Rog had been doing well since he decided to stop going through characters and stick with a team, Wolverine/Doom/Vergil, post Evo, as Devil Jin said (3rd at season’s beatings, won Canada Cup, 2nd at Youmacon Battle Opera, won Hadocon IV). He’d pretty much been under most people’s radar, or underestimated by them.

A bit of a digression, but PR Rog’s (latest) major win was a long time coming, and perhaps, his team, or play style is the true counter pick to Chris G’s team. Whether RayRay incorporating Wolverine and maybe Vergil could help him. But Chris G’s always got wins back against those who have beaten him in previous tournaments, from Justin Wong (CEO-EVO), Combofiend (ECT-EVO), F Champ (EVO- SBA). He said he’ll learn infinites too so I can only see Chris G improving.

I don’t particularly think MorriDoom has a true counter, the switch to Vergil just made him less counterable and gave him a stronger character + Vergil beats Dormammu.