If ST and HDR had a baby would u play it?

i hear all this talk about one is better then the other but what if someone just took the time and join the two games together where u can pick o.ken , n.ryu , or hdr.dee jay. would the two community finally become one. im just throwing thoughts in the air what do u guys think?

ST has a son, and it’s called HDR.

nuff said.

a dont get me wrong i play hdr im just seeing what every one thinks

Sf2+Sf2= SF4 no thank you

CVS2 + SF2 + 3s + alpha = SF4/SSF4 <---- actual equation

Apart from O.Sagat (who could just have the shots nerfed like in a few ports) and maybe O.Boxer, I don see why old characters could not be part of HDR. Really. O.Ken and Hawk aside, they are just worse, so whoever likes them and does not mind the (sometimes not so) slightly worse match-ups, what is the problem?

I play any SF2, anyway.

This thread title brings a new meaning to the word “babyzone”

I think HDR is the young more hip son of ST.

Actually the equation is:

(CVS2 + SF2 + 3s + alpha) - (everything about those games that is fun) = SF4/SSF4

It just can’t help itself. ST insists on rocking it’s LA Gears light ups!

LA gears were tight. I had 3 pairs lol. I dont fuck with multi colored Nikes!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to not make that joke already.

What would the baby look like?

I am not catholic.

Hahahaha good spit right there.

You both missed SF EX though - huge component in SF4 IMO (seriously, it reminded me of it mechanically the very first time I played SF4 - the jumps and hit contact feel and some parts of the combo system).

Yeah i was going to say EX since they had guard breaks & it felt floaty…But EX is so much better game, especially EX2 plus Alpha