If street fighters had ordinary jobs

Street fighters just gave up on fighting and went looking for jobs… what did they look for? Can be from any game…

Ryu - gardener
Ken - CEO
Sean - Basketball Player
Akuma - Yakuza Boss
Hugo - Actor
Alex - Security Guard/Bouncer
Q - Telephone surveyor
Dudley - Car salesman
Gill - Preacher
Urien - Late Night Show Host
Chun Li - Housewife
Elena - Prostitute
Ibuki - Pop Star
Makoto - Moody Teacher
Oro - Farmer
Remy - Emo Band Lead Singer
12 - Weather Specialist
Yang - Circus Performer
Yun - Model

Corrected your post :wgrin:

naw Ken isn’t sleezy enough to be a CEO.

12 a weather specialist? I’m more for science tesy subject maybe. In fact, 12 could be like the today version of a boy and his blob lol

12 could be the bukkake in a bukkake film.

Doesn’t Ken kind of remind you of Owen Wilson? Just a little bit?




I think that way…\o/

your list is pretty dead-on imo…just made a few changes.

Urien being a late night talk show host is freaking hilarious imo.

after commercials
Urien "…AND WE’RE BACK!!!"
applause, ppl screaming and cheering
Urien “today we’re gonna be playing a little skit i like to call…WHAT COLOR SKIN SHALL I BE TODAY!!!”

Hugo - Butcher

Alex - Personal trainer

Alex “…Ok, time for ur squats. alright, do it like this.”:smile:
guy “u mean like this?”:wonder:
Alex …nooO, like this.":rolleyes:
guy “like…this…?”:confused:
Alex “are u listening?!.. i told u, like this!”:annoy:
guy “…u mean…?”:sweat:
Alex “NOOO! I SAID LIKE THIS…squats…OooouuuaaaAAAHHH!!!rips off shirt”:mad:

wasnt there a thread like this 2 days ago?

then all of a sudden it dissappeared…

newho, Akuma for serial rapist

Blanka - Sparky (electrition).

Oro would be badass as a basketball player.

Think about it.

Sean will be a drug dealer-he lives in Brazil.:X

Q for inspecter gadgit

I vote for Q as The Question

“Aha I knew it! 32 FLAVORS!”

Many of the people you listed already have jobs. Ken DOES administrate the fortune of his family. Chun-li worked as inspector but retired. The Lee bros. work at a restaurant. Hugo and Alex are wrestlers (they are rivals as well).

Deja vu!!!

This thread must be the work of some malevolent voodoo David Blaine demon magic as it has inexplicably comeback from the dead!!!

This is the same exact thread.

yes… there was a thread like this 2 days ago
It got deleted due to the system restore thing srk went through 2 days ago
so i just put it up again

If it got deleted then how is my original post still here?

I dunno… but I definately didnt find my old thread and a lot of other peoples posts, so I just made this one again…

Oh and not 2 days ago… more like 4…

Ryu - Door to door salesman

Ken - Rock star

Honda - Human cannonball

Blanka - Con Edison

Guile - President of the U.S., accidentally causes a war b/c no one can understand wtf he’s saying

Chun-Li - Schoolteacher, gets involved in a sex scandal w/ several students

Dhalsim - Guest star on Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Zangief - Zookeeper

Deejay - Would’ve moved to U.S. and became a mega-star, but was arrested at the airport b/c he approached some dumb white bitch thought he was gonna rape her

Cammy - Owner of several nightclubs

Fei-Long - Dies in bizarre drug-related mishap

T.Hawk - Alcoholic

Balrog - Televangelist

Vega - Pimp

Sagat - …He has a cat

Bison - Truck driver

Akuma - Porn star

Sakura - Porn star

Dan - Gay porn star, occasional assistant to Richard Simmons. Hangs out @ 4chan

Gen - Works at the chinese take-out up the street from my place

Rolento - Learns how to teleport due to awesomeness of V-Ism. Also owns a chain of fireworks stands

Charlie - Former president of U.S., got shot. Did NOT want Guile as vice-president due to possibility of scenario described above.

Guy - Spokesperson for Nike

Cody - Walks around town (always to the right, for some reason), mumbling to himself while beating up hobos.

… I’m tired, I’ll finish this later =(