"If TatsunokovCapcom sells well, Capcom will consider making Tatsunoko-based games"




I want Karas in DMC style.


I’m all for it as long as Tekkaman Blade gets included in these plans.


Tekkaman blade in Tech Romancer style perhaps?


Tech Romancer probably would be the best choice, unless Capcom can find a way to make fighting thousands of spider crabs for 80 percent of the game fun.


Capcom is pretty good at making GIANT ENEMY CRABS exciting, eh? I think they can handle it.


Toho vs. Capcom


Orgasms assuming you meant Touho

This needs to happen. (Although I can’t help but think Touho would be more suited to a crossover with Arcana Heart than any Capcom franchise)


Touhou vs Capcom would be epic shit. I want to see Ryu performing a danmaku spell card attack involving only Hadkoukens and tatsumaki kick waves.

Capcom would have to tone down the whole bullet hell aspect of Touhou though. I guess the girls could have screen-filling super moves, but most of the recognisable Touhou attacks would be quite overpowered in a fighting game other than the IaMP series.


Actually I wouldn’t mind Toho vs. Capcom.



So is it my understanding that IF this game sells well on the Wii ( define well?) there could be another fighter, but will this be another exclusive for the Wii or all consoles?


Thank you.



That’s not the only thing there might be a release of…


And how are fans supposed to say that, buy the Wii version to show support? Pfft I hate that kinda of crap either do it or don’t


If it gets ported it just means that the PS360 owners factually whine more than the Wii ones, they said the same thing for SF4 yet where is it? >_>

Now for the actual topic, if that actually happens I think it could be quite cool if Capcom does it correctly.