If Tekken X Street Fighter is successful.....Namco Vs Capcom?

Seeing how both SNK Vs. Capcom and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter both eventually lead to crossover’s with the whole companies libraries, any chance that if Tekken X Street Fighter sells well, we could get a full Namco Vs. Capcom fighting game (Not another stupid Japan-only Strategy game.) starring characters from other Capcom and Namco games like Darkstalkers, Megaman, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur, Tales, and Time Crisis?

Just wondering…

Wait what? None of the CvS/SvC games ever led to anything like this. At best they were StreetFighter+a few extras vs KoF+a few extras.

I think this is what they’ll do instead of Ultra SF x Tekken. The dinocrisis stage and the inclusion of Julia whose model can be reused for a Soul Calibiur model are both signs that it’s possible.

Where dreams become nightmares…

Capcom announces…



THere’s a Namco x Capcom already

They should just release that overseas already, especially cause of this

I’m talking about an actual fighting game, not a stupid Strategy game no one liked

Marvel vs. Capcom doesn’t even come close to including "whole libraries of characters"
Onimusha and Breath of Fire were like forgotten series when talking about fighting games.
Where are some oldies but goodies, like Namor and Adam Warlock, and zero support for Fantastic Four, only to cop out with Super Skrull… Spiderman enemies are missing, and don’t even bring up Venom… He was a zero-though character in both MvC and MvC2
As for SNK, they forgot about any series that’s NOT a fighter for the CvS/SvC matchups. They included them in NGBC… (like Marco)

Well technically, they did have Zero, Mars People, Red Arremer and Athena in SvC. But they are the exceptions to the rule.

Well… yeah…

Athena though, isn’t she a KoF character?

Not that Athena. That’s goddess Athena while the KoF Athena is Psycho Soldier Athena…why do I feel silly now?

Oh… Shows what I know about SNK… what game was “goddess athena” in?

So these two are the different ones, yes?

Asking people who do not make the game is not the best way to find the answer to your question.

  1. Ickybodclay is a great name. I haven’t thought about that word in many many years. What a dumb game.

  2. NO. Rather see Capcom make a new IP fighting game series. Enough of this versus shit. Do something fresh and entirely different. Don’t need more versus team shit. Already going to be a glut now.

Sort of. It’s like reincarnation deal. Goddess Athena comes from this game.

KoF’s Psycho Soldier Athena (with Kensou) debut in this game