If the job pays i'll do it. The video thread

For all videos regaurding nina.

I’ll just leave this here


I made a video with Juri and Nina. Be sure to tell me what you like or dislike.


Pretty old -4 day combos. I’ve found a ton of new stuff with Nina, so I’ll be making another one of these sometime this week.

Oh nice, some Alioune Nina. Very helpful. Nice combos.




Hey. New to the forums.

I have some videos from one my Endless Lobbies. I’m still learning Nina and the game and realise I do some unsafe stuff. She’s great fun tho!

Stream Archive

Nina footage(Alioune at 0:25:00)

Best Nina I’ve seen

Messing with some Law & Nina pandora gems and pandora combos…


I put together a little Teaser Vid for my upcoming In-Depth Nina Tutorial that I’m working on.


Why not use best optimized damage for some of those combos?

These clips are from explanations of the the properties of the moves used in each combo. It’s all to music, so I muted the sound of the game/me talking in my video editor.

I figure the best way to do the whole video, now that I’ve started, is to do it all in live segments where I’m actually talking and explaining what’s happening. As such, I’ll be recording bits over the next week and a half and hit on specific topics in each segment.

Once I have all the individual scenes I want in, I’ll put them all together in a video. Realistically though, I’ll probably be doing the tutorial in episodes if I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty.


Messing around with Cammy/Nina.

Alioune now has 15083 BP and rank A. Seems he is trying Lili at point and Nina as backup now:
Interesting switch cancel with Nina at the end.

In this one he actually got a challenge

Made a tag combo video with my team of Nina and Law. Lots of manual launcher usage with bits of tag cancel.


[INDENT=1]Not the best way of getting a free mixup after reset, but it’s just an idea.


I’m really liking how Nina/Kaz plays. I’m glad I dropped Poison. I’m aware I’m doing the wrong combos (and I’ll work on that) in addition to the other dumb shit I was doing. I’m wondering what I should be doing at mid-range though…

Don’t let anyone take control of mid range with Nina, her ivory cutter got some good range as well as her cr.lk, her cr.mk to me is better overall but cr.lk start up is so sweet. So wat i do is i use cr.lk on whiff sometimes for spacing, and diagonal forward LK (forgot the name) for when they space my cr.lk range, i also do st.mk when im closer (even if they try to jump in st.mk range they get hit).

Using cr.lk is my main priority for spacing and getting them to stay outside of that range is key to my Nina play-style bec when they do i catch my opponent ALOT with HP skullsplitter, when they try to jump its so easy to see them from that range as well so u can do cr.HP for AA. When i get a knock down and they get up neutral i go back to my cr.lk range and do ivory cutter (overhead) or HP skullsplitter, when they roll i use cr.lk when the roll is about to end and i catch them alot as well. Btw i buffer my cr.lk everytime with lk geyser, be cautious with some characters with invincible move etc when doing this…

Sway - when im outside of cr.lk range i wanna get back is this range so i use my HK sway as soon as i see they press a button, MK sway to be out of the range for their normals and LK sway as well, i dash up as well (her f-dash is really nice as well). The combos i do is cr.lk xx lk-geyser, mp-skullsplitter, cr.hp xx HK-geyser, ivory cutter, charge blonde bomb for counter hit, tag in on first hit in ivory cutter, or just raw tag if i got no meter. Oh u can also do cr.lk, cr.mk to hit confirm ur luncher to tag in as well, I hope this helped its my play style with Nina and i have her on point as well Ogre in the back…


Various setups using the Backhand Slap TC.

Those look pretty interesting and difficult to block. Meter usage is fairly severe though.