If The RumbleFish 2 is released in America would you play it?

It seems like a game that deserves to atleast get some serious play considering how much work was put into it, but it seems like it would get slept on just because the first wasn’t released in NA.

If there is an NA RF2 release would you play it?

We have a Rumble fish cab at the major arcade in the Dallas area, but it didn’t see much play, so my guess would be no. Matter of fact, I haven’t even played it yet and I always say I’ll try it every time I go to A town.

I have never even played the first one, so unless I play it and it’s total garbage I will have this game.

From what I understand the first game was deemed “slow” and they attempted to fix it with the second game, but in this dying genre I don’t think it’s much of a good idea to just sleep on 2D fighters nowadays. From what I’ve seen match video wise of the 2nd game, it seems to move alot faster and has a more fluid pace. It has a pretty innovative system with both defense and offense super bars and alot of subsystems to help balance out the characters. It reminds me of a more ground based GGXX, which is nice I think.

I definitely think people should check it out in the future if they can, not many new 2D fighters at all in this day and age. Probably none with as much work as RF2 put in.

I’d play it.

I don’t even know why there are so many FIGHTING GAMES that are not imported to US and translatd into US language or version. As far as I know, there are more than hundred of cools figting games in PAL version or JP version but not US. Just wonder why.

For me, it depends. When I first tried Guilty Gear X on the PS2, I didn’t like it that much. It seemed too stiff for my tastes. Then I heard the hype over GGXX, and now I’m a fan of it.

So for me, it will depend if I get a chance to play it (or even the first one) or if there is a ton of hype around it that warrants me to play it.

I would. But then again I play RF1 everytime I go to the arcade here if I don’t get caught up too much in #R.

You betcha id play it, as well as the rest of c-bus ohio

i’ll play almost any fighting game once…but i imagine i’d like it. its sammy right? i’m sure i would…but i understand why they don’t bring so many 2-d fighters over here. sucks for us, but everything is business and the market really isn’t that large for 2-d fighters…i mean wasn’t mk:d the best selling fighting game(in the us) of 2004? i really don’t know if thats true, but i can’t imagine sf:ac sold more copies in the us…i would love to own games like garou without having to import and change my ps2 in some way…but i’m not paying to bring em here…

I would definitely play TRF2 if it got a domestic release. From the trailers and match videos that I’ve downloaded of it, it looks awesome. As it is, I’m currently considering buying a Japanese ps2, so I might get to play it anyway.

I’d buy it the day of release.

im glad to see im not the only one hoping for some good new 2d fighters.

with capcom quitting and snk not doing anything noteworthy i hope to god rumblefish 2 gets some play. hopefully have it at evo one day.

Jom, this post was beautiful. Yeah, I’d definitely pick up/buy TRF2 if it came out in the US. People just hate on the game because it has a small amount of characters. Fortunately, everyone can compete in TRF (not sure about 2) so I don’t see the problems. All of the characters are really unique and their playstyle varies. I’d love to see TRF2 at EVO one day. :rock:

I’ve yet to play Rumblefish, but I probably would pick up any copy that if it saw a US release.

Hell yeah I’d play it!

I finally saw some match vids today, looks really cool. I would totally give it some play, seems really interesting.

PS Saw the vids on ko-hatsu.com, thanks to video-opera.com.

FUCKING MUST FOLKS !! BUT LIKE sf3 , it is also broken as that …

Mito and kaya for example …

hell yes.

sheryl in the first game was fun although the game was a bit too slow.

I can answer this in two words