If there was a balance fix for this game

Ignoring the version released in Japan that removed some glitches, if you could release a patch for 3rd Strike with balance changes, what would it have? What corrections would you make to the characters?

I would give ryu his hop kick( i don’t know why they didn’t give him that in the first place)
slow ken down just a tad
make sean like his 2nd impact incarnation( i heard he was better in that one),
make chun a tad weaker
make the genei-jin meter run out faster.
give oro a little more stamina
make ibuki just a tad more powerfull
make elena’s supers just a little more powerfull

I can’t think of any yet but they should make a few more stages so characters don’t have to share. new colors would be nice too. But overall 3s is my favorite game, right now potentially all of the characters have something they could bring to the table but most peeps use ken, chun, yun, makoto. I always wondered if their is a top tier do u weaken them or make the weaker characters more powerfull to make it more balanced.


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike is as close to balance as most game can get, but if were there changes to make it even more balance, I would suggest the following:

  1. Chunli’s SA2 is 1 meter.
  2. Chunli’s d.mk is either slower or to easier to punish.
  3. Yun’s SA3 takes a longer time to build.
  4. Reduce the stun involved in Makoto’s full SA2 combo
    –currently it kills Remy and Akuma in one combo.
  5. Oro’s SA1 is either 2 meter or 1 meter with an instant startup.
  6. Sean’s QCF+K has different parry timing depending on the kick button used.
  7. Elena’s HCF+K more difficult to parry.
  8. Improve Q’s dash so that charge partitioning is an acessible option.

Other than those changes, I think the game is perfect.

one thing… give ken only ONE BAR for shippu thats it.

Change Chun-Li’s name to “Filthy Whore” and Akuma’s to “Bitchtron”.

Other than that, I think the game’s balance is second only to VF.

Here’s what I’d do:

Maximum Spider super is only 1 bar long

-Chun Li-
Swapped Chun’s stun bar with Remey’s
SA 2 does 75% of its current damage and does not add stun

Normal Dash punches backturn the opponent

V-Ism Super Art bar lengthened

Target combo is now cancelable

switched with 2nd Impact version

has 1 tier higher than normal stamina

Q’s dash punch is good already. IMO it’s a lot better than Alex’s flash chop. Not only that Q’s dash punch can be comboed off of a normal then canceled into his other SA.

Akuma’s only problem is his stamina, but other than that he is very strong. He has some of the best specials in the game with his divekick, 3 hit FB, air FB, low hurricane + can be comboed after, a safe air super FB, and a grab super.

Q is a crap character. Tweaking his normal Dash Punch won’t make anyone cry foul.

Akuma’s change isn’t supposed to make him stronger, I just don’t like his target combo. At most it ends up adding a strong punch’s worth of damage to a normal combo. Not exactly a major change.

I’m gonna have to disagree. I think the dash punch could use a definite boost. It has terrible recovery, for one thing. It’s already fairly easy to parry, but they had to go and make it so that if it whiffs or gets blocked it’s more or less a guaranteed punishment, too? I’d like to see it recover a little faster. It also isn’t that great in the priority department either. There are a lot of normal attacks that will easily snuff it, and that kind of annoys me. I’d also like the low dash punch to be less telegraphed than it currently is. Q starts ducking for the low smack a considerable ways before he reaches the opponent, and once he gets to the opponent he like stalls, ducks even more, and slowly trips them. This move is not very useful at all in its current form. And you think it’s great because it can be linked into and out of? Come on. It can be linked from exactly one standing attack, and can link into a) a super; b) another dash punch; or c) if it’s the EX version, another normal attack. So? There are other characters out there can practically link every attack into every other attack.

If Q’s dash punch were upgraded, it’s not like Q would all of a sudden become top tier. He’d still have slow, akward-ish normal attacks, slow movement, limited dependable antiair, low comboability, and no storyline at all. Come on, give the guy a break.

I mean, Q I5 T3H 1337 T0P TI3R, H3 R0XX0R5 J00 80XX0R5!!!1one1!

Speaking from experience, games are more fun when everybody is too buff, as opposed to when all the buff characters are toned down so that everybody has a chance.

Strange as it may sound, the stuff that’s apparently cheap makes for a fun game. Games that aren’t broken enough are the ones that are boring.

yeah your right tho especially if u face off against those characters it makes winning with characters that r usually countered alot more satisfying then picking a character that has even grounds to beat them.

Thats weird, CvS2 is both broken and boring.

well said.

u need brainless damage to counter ppl who become to good…
yeah its good if everyone is a beast, not brainless tho

low forward super is the bane of gouki, remy and ibuki…

but if the players were unstoppably good, like smart playing beyond belief there would be nothing to beat them…

there is smart playing on brain dead characters if u noticed with third strike that chun li especially has to be played ONE way… only one… meter, bar super. shes good but she’s so one dimensional that that’s her weakness… aside from a lack of a proper anti air…

ken has an answer for anything he’s sooooo good he always has options thats why by limiting sa3 making it 1 or maybe just 2 bars makes him do more work. perhaps his weakness is that he’s a shoto.

yun i dont see being broken, he bleeds thats good, just genie jin builds so fast tho… maybe if it was the longest length bar with the same time. sure u give him ex’s but if u wanna use the super u gotta save up… kinda like shin shoryuken, or his sa1

Akuma: Eliminate his command throw and tone down his damage scaling in exchange give him a slightly longer stun meter
Urien: Make the bar length for each Aegis twice its current size
Necro: Fine as is
Ibuki: Gjve her a little more life and power
Sean: Give him a couple combos
Alex: fine as is
Yun: fine as is *
Remy: increase stun meter, shorten his taunt so it can help too
Q: fine as is
ChunLi: Lower the priority of her back+fierce
Makoto: fine as is
Twelve: give him a couple new combos
Yang: fine as is
Ryu: fine as is
Oro: fine as is *
Dudley: fine as is
Elena: fine as is
Hugo: fine as is
Ken: get rid of some of his links and give him only 2 SAIII’s

*Extend GeneiJin a tad and shorten TenguStone a tad so they are at equal length somewhere between where they both are currently at.

u’ll make akuma god tier if u made him stronger with a normal stun bar

and for everyone u said give more combos what do u mean? those characters can get by with the combos they have, or dont need combos because the lack of combos makes that part of what the character is.

yea i kinda agree with the remy one tho lol… he bleeds plus he gets stunned they made a male pixie fighter tho… i cant complain his keep away/run away game is pretty strong.

Yun: Genei Jin stops when you get hit once
Chun-Li: Only one bar for Houyokusen, shorten stun meter
Ken: Get rid of low strong into shippu link
Makoto: Lower stun damage on st. Fierce, (EX)Hayate

Remy: Increase stun meter
Q: Rush punch comes out slightly faster
Sean: Give him his DP from 2i or some kind of EX projectile

The rest are fine as is IMO.

This all seems good, I would also say give Karakusa like two more to-hit frames and give it two more frames of recovery.

Also, you aren’t rehabilitating Tweleve, who really deserves it, he’s an awesome character design. I say give him more stamina, more damage and at least a low attack cancellable besides low short.


make the twelve cr. rh jump cancelable… SWEEP FLY AWAY

remove chunli’s c.mk link to sa2 and ken’s c.mp link to sa3
little bit longer bar for yun’s sa3
give hugo a better antiair -_-

everything else is fine, if the game was too balanced there’d be no fun =D