If there was ever a CvS3, what would you want to be included?


If there was ever a CvS3, what characters and grooves would you want in it?

I would want these grooves:

-Hyper fighting with no super meter or throw softening but additional damage


-Alpha 2 with custom combos and Alpha Counters

-3s with parries

-Kof 98 advanced

-Garou with that parry type system and the ability to move pick what part of the health bar your character does more damage in

-Kof 13 groove with HD mode and NEO MAX moves


no wishlist threads






In the future feel free to just write this kind of thing in your diary. Then maybe, just maybe one day your mom will read it while she’s “cleaning” your room and you can have a long discussion about all the videogames you hope will one day be created.


Sorry I didn’t see that this was against the rules when I read them before. I still don’t see a rule about it in either the main rules or the FGD rules but whatever. I didn’t mean to cause a problem.

There’s no need to be a prick. Fuck you.


here ya go :
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no problems, just learn to read better and dismiss all your delusions of entitlement.



I want all the cvs2 game mechanics. MAYBE add another groove. proper damage input/output. standard 6 button setup. play like cvs2.

yeah that may be too much asking.




^ LOOOL :rofl:


yes there is a reason to be a prick. its so people like you either leave and never come back or SHUT THE FUCK UP and learn how to not make dumb shit fanboy threads.



I want 17 invincibility frames on Sagat’s cr.HP and for it to shoot homing fireballs that apply a stacking debuff to the target (on hit or block) lowering his defense.

Also I want it to chain to itself.


I just wanna play kgroove omega tom hanks >:(


i thought that we payed for the thrill of competition and get better, while playing to win :stuck_out_tongue:


on topic though : i think the grooves just need minor tweaks to further improve/balance each other out instead of having one or two grooves completely overpowered and i would like a Capcom Vs. SNK installment that was developed by Sega or Arc System Works. is that TOO MUCH to ask?!



yeah because sega totally know how to make fighting games…something like cvs2 while we are at it

and fucking arc systems…yeah we need to make a GAY version of cvs2 and call it cvs3

nice jokes


if youve ever entered a tourney then you have played for money.

if youve never entered a tourney then youre just an armchair warrior and you probably shouldnt even post opinions on any strats imo.

lets not forget evo is the parent of srk, not the other way around. there was an evo (under b series name) before there was an srk iirc. people got together from across the country and put their money where there mouth was putting time and effort to travel across the country to compete.


DAYUUUUUMMM!!! I am stealing the fuck out of this burn.


lmao, im not only participated on tournaments, im also a TO here in my country, and while yeah you can say that money is part of the equation, its not the only one.
maybe im old, but one of the reasons (and probably the most important) why i started to play in/organize tournaments was that i love the competition
basically all my friends and all the people that i know through tournaments know that we are not going to make for the living playing fgs ,some times the prize is merely symbolic
we usually do it for the hype of playing against other people, maybe from different cities and trying to prove who is the best


yeah all of that is true. but there are people who wouldnt put up any money or anything or travel anywhere. and they are numerous now. they run their mouths when other people take a big fall, but what they dont realize is for there to be a great fall you have to climb to heights. which is something they have never had any taste of.

ive spent way more gas money getting to tourneys or arcades than ive ever won, but i did show up and that seems to be better than what most do now.

i mean shit, im retired, but if you never competed, well u cant retire can u? yeah i dunno it bugs me a lot. ask a random forum member if theyve ever been to a tourney, so far all i get is no’s.