If there's a small-jump in 3s , is it good?


small jump is just a moving up with your joystick , but only a short instant tap …and your character does a small leap …

will it be good in 3s ??
because if you do small jump , you have free combo if verticelly jump out from a wake up throw .


Will it be good? I thought 3s already came out :confused:

I never heard of a small jump, dude. Not even in the sysyem direction. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention.


You know, UOH does the same thing…


or you could backdash to evade a wakeup throw

or set it up so you only have to walk back …

or just beat it with an attack …

no need for a “short jump” in 3s


the UOH attack is like jab or short …but the hit stun is a lil higher …
UOH start up is quite slow …
by the time you woke up and UOH , you’ll still get thrown …

walk back and dash back ?? what about corner …


Small jump would own, but that’s why we have Garou.

UOH is nothing like small jump. UOH is only comboable after with a really fast move, usually a super. Small jump can use any jump-in. :stuck_out_tongue:


and remember you can only able to add medium or hard normal attacks after a MEATY UOH …


I think it’ll be good…but I like it the way it is right now.

But too bad I can’t pull out small jumps in my life, ever.


just a single tap … DON’T hold it …


I know english isn’t your native language, but the thread title is misleading.


I can’t remember who gave this tip (Buktooth or James Chen, I think), but it helped me go from not being able to superjump at all without focusing on it to being able to do it 100%: simply do up-down instead of just tapping up.


um, small jump is NOT super-jumping.


um, that’s why he said up-down, not down-up.


damn , should have double check , i know there’s something wrong …




i see many japanese players using ken doing some sort of small jump with punch connecting to SAIII. wut is that


plz say you dont mean UOH (mp+mk)


Yeah, that’d be his UOH.

Hmm, maybe that’d help, I’m not good at small jumping either. Thanks for the tip. :tup:

Yeah, I guess I could give you a bit of constructive criticism: You said “will” it be good, meaning in the future, when you probably meant “would” it be good, saying that it’s hypothetical, or it didn’t really happen… Hope that helps.


No a small jump would utterly destroy 3S IMO. If there was a small jump all the top tier characters will have way more mixups to connect their deadly supers into as if they didnt have enough already. Sure it helps the rest of the cast as well but it helps out the top 3 much more then anybody. Secondly characters like Urien, Hugo, Q and shit who have slow uncomboable air attacks gain no benefit from small jumping. The only thing that needs changing is some of the priority of moves and the length of genei-jin bar.


sorry street fighter is not kof. small jump is for kof.