"If theres no capcom pro tour and this game came out... PFFFF"





This game is some 1.49 nuggets. Wait till another game gets CPT quality tour, I’m out lulz



Honestly, I think it’s just another in a long line of people whose really getting tired of how homogeneous the game is to them.

Of course, that will barely matter because they either:
Won’t move away from SFV, just making them look like babies
Will stop playing SFV, but won’t do a damn thing to actually recommend other games.

There’s maybe only a few people who actually left SFV AND promoted other Fighting Games or played them themselves seriously.


He just seems salt to me… Notice how the folks who aren’t doing to well (or as good as they thought they would) hate the game.


And the ones that are doing good are not being honest about the game. Justin wong always dickrided capcom on twitter.


So if someone likes the game they are being dishonest? What?

Justin Wong is far from the only person praising this game for the gameplay. cmon bruh.


Ah i dont know, no one likes it in general and if you don’t see more people blowing this game up is because they are doing good. Maybe a few of them actually enjoy it but im not sure. Even Jiyuna said daigo is bored of sfv. And daigo is not a “salty scrub”.


I post in general and I like the game, so does a bunch of other people. I never called snake a scrub but losing isn’t fun when you expect and are used to winner so that could play a factor as well.

There are a bunch of other fighters out there, try those.


Well to be fair, compared to Zangief in USF4, Zangief in SF5 looks like a MASSIVE step backwards(like back to SF2)
I’m not saying he’s unplayable, that’s dumb, but I don’t really see how he’s supposed to be better than his SFIV counterpart.

If you are winning, why complain about a game that gives you easy cash? SonicFox barely complains about any game he plays and that’s possibly the reason right there(well MKX is the best answer here because honestly, he doesn’t win all the time in DOA, he’s good at SFV but never hit Finals, not sure about Skullgirls, and he is dominant as hell whenever UNIEL shows up)



Fox complains about MKX all the time. He frequently calls Skullgirls his main and favorite fighter right now. He is just dumb good at everything he plays. I’ve never heard him complain about DOA, but he just took first at combo breaker so I would guess he is pretty good at that as well.

The inverse can be said of your statement, complain about something you aren’t preforming well in because you aren’t winning any cash. Its sounds dumb when you say it from that perspective so why wouldn’t it be the same when you say it from the other.


You’re not gonna hear anyone that makes money playing or streaming the game say anything bad about it. It would be like saying “Don’t watch our streams or come to our events”.


These guys will all prove their love for the game when they shoryuken with Ono after grand finals.


General consensus I get from people in the scene or no, is that they all feel like SFV is a great “base” for a game. Not that it’s a good game, just that it could BE a good game, if Capcom actually fixed what needs to be fixed, and, in my opinion, made the core mechanics more integral to the gameplay. As well as adding one new core mechanic (I’ve been saying this game is missing one since forever).

Thing is, none of the mechanics in SFV are unique, nor are they pivotal to the gameplay, so SFV is really just the most generic fighter ever. It has nothing which stands out, nothing that separates it from games before and after it. The V-system was supposed to be it, but every aspect of that system, but especially V-skills are woefully dull. You can just look at the V-skill they gave Ibuki to realize that they have no desire to change that philosophy either. Generic palm strike, go!

So much potential, but will it ever be realized? Only if Capcom learns not to be scared of options, and is willing to increase the amount you have in this game.


Ricki Ortiz said she likes the game a lot. Others may not voice it simply because people with complaints will usually talk more than people who have none. Even people who complain about many aspects recognize that the core game is good.
Statements like “no one likes it in general” don’t mean a lot.




Still having a shitload of fun. Some match ups are hilariously frustrating but still having a great deal of fun.


Well he started with DOA I believe(hard to tell whether that’s on a competitive level or not or if it’s tied with Skullgirls as it’s always been stated he played the former with fellow high level DOA player and brother Kwiggles) and I didn’t hear about him complaining about MKX(which is hilarious since he won it ALOT and it’s basically paying for college).

The inverse can also be true but again, it makes sense to get pissed when you aren’t winning anything, but that suddenly doesn’t mean their judgment is clouded because they aren’t winning.


SFV rocks

i havent played it since my bday 2 months ago tho

been too busy lifting


You should; ken is godlike. He can confirm shit off of seeing the counterhit marker go up.


loving the game
capcom has the option to add whatever complexities to the core gameplay later
play the game or find another
as for someone else saying it’s not good, it’s good, they don’t enjoy it, or they do enjoy it, who the fuck cares?
If you enjoy it then fucking play it and enjoy it
if you dont then find something else you will
people using others’ opinions to justify their own salt