If there's universal distaste for the HD Remix tweaks, why not play Classic Mode?


This has been bugging me for a few days now, and let me open with the disclaimer that I like the remixed inputs, the tweaks and new shiny graphics and (most of) the music.

However there seem to be quite a vocal few here that think ST was best left alone, but seem to plod along playing HDR and yet whining about it. If it’s such a big deal, why doesn’t SRK make a concerted effort to use what they’ve invested cash in (their 360s, PS3s and their copies of HDR) to play classic instead?

I know that the netcode’s toss at the moment, but with the impending patch coming, and everyone saying “Fix Akuma” or “Fix Honda” or whatever, why not just apply the patch (assuming it fixes the bugs) and just make an agreement that you all play with the unchanged version that Sirlin left in? You’ll have the added bonus of leaving most of the scrubby players behind with Remix and just playing amongst yourselves more.

Just a thought.


There is certainly not universal distaste for the HD Remix tweaks.


Universal? That cant be, as I in fact, am part of the universe.


Most of the complaints I see about HDR have to do with connection bugs and such, not with the game balance. Not sure that would be changed in Classic Mode.


I just think people who play a lot “worse” characters (hawk fei gief cammy) are just annoyed that Sirlin wanted to compress the tiers and really in the end, helped characters that didnt need as much help (honda) as those lower characters did.

I mean, i feel severely hindered playing R.Fei than ST fei or even O.fei (love o.fei) and playing O.hawk feels right on the inside.

I do want to play classic but no one else plays it on XBL :frowning:


There are a ton of things that they got right with HDR. First of all the new easy button motions for 360 moves, Guile’s super, Cammy’s Holigan/Backfist, Fei Long’s Chicken Wing are fantastic and make the old motions seem cumbersome.

Secondly, most of the changes were for the good, for example removing brainless and frustrating throw loops. Who thinks it’s fun to be in a Balrog or Dhalsim throw loop the entire match?

The fact is that HDR is so good as is, that we salivate at the notion of ‘what might have been’, if they would have gone a little further to help the bottom tier characters in their worst match-ups.


I suppose this is what I’m getting at. Maybe universal was the wrong word to use, but if people want to play classic, why not just actually club together and make time to do so?

And like I said in my OP, I like the remix stuff - I’m just throwing out an idea for those who don’t :slight_smile:


I really enjoy HD Remix for the pick up and play feeling, though my main Hawk pretty much got the shaft this time around.
However most of the cast is much more accessible then in ST, guys like Zangief really got taken away all of his annoying shit, like I would always do Punch Lariat from neutral, then press a direction to avoid his stupid hop in ST.

Basically when I want to play N.Hawk or O.Hawk I play ST.


I’m kind of in the same boat. I love classic ST, but nobody on Live plays, so I usually go to GGPO for it.


Your question is based on a flawed assumption. If there was universal distaste for the HD tweaks, no one would be playing this at all.

Having said that, I’d love to play classic, but no one ever does on XBL…


This basically hit the nail on the head. I don’t see very many people complaining about the changes anyway though…


Ok so I was wrong about “universal distaste” - like I said in my disclaimer I like remix very much.

What I was perhaps right about is that you guys should perhaps get together and play some classic. (And in my experience of other forums, for every poster there are four or five lurkers who agree who should play too)


I love remix. I think most of the balance changes were right on and I love the easier inputs. But what I like the most perhaps is all the new options characters have for dealing with fireballs. Sirlin said in one of his early articles that if 3rd strike projectiles were a 1 and in ST they were a 10, he wanted to put them at an 8 in remix. I think he may have suceeded in this respect. There’s now new options and new mind games to play for the non-projectile cast. It’s odd because I play Guile and I’m so pleased with this.


'Cause nobody plays it online. And the graphics suxxx


Classic mode uses the same HD sprites that Remix mode uses.


Nobody plays Classic mode online because we already have GGPO, which has better quality netcode (mainly for long distances) without the disconnection bugs.




I play remix because GGPO REFUSES TO WORK WITH MY ROUTER. I blame linksys. XBL owns me for free anyway.


I get really mean messages when I start up classic ranked matches :rofl:


even though it might technically be the same, vanilla st tastes more vanilla on ggpo.