If They Ask Where You Went...Say Skyrim



You have no clue how much I love the Elder Scrolls games. WAY too hyped for this!


DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDE!!! Fuck yes! I cant fucking wait for this game!
I wonder if they made a new engine for it.


yes, if you want I’ll post the article, but basically they turned down Id’s Rage engine, in favour of an all new engine. Probably was time to do that, as Oblivion was just a prettier version of Morrowind.

that song in the trailer gives me a huge fucking boner


I’ve put in Countless hours in Oblivion.

But even more in The Elder Scrolls : Morrowind which is my die hard favorite Elder Scrolls game. No shit, I played Morrowind like an addict for 2 years or more. I played that shit when i was young threw middle school and half way threw high school.

Count me in for this game


Game of the CENTURY!!! POST Y2K!!!


I loved all the elder scroll games past morrowind, which is basically morrowind + its expansions and oblivion + expansions. I never got to try the older ones like arena and daggerfall sadly.

I really hope that they get rid of the level scaling of the enemies. I’m the type to push the difficulty slider all the way to the right and eventually there’s a point where your dude is lvl 30 and it takes him like minute to kill a goblin chief is more annoyance than difficulty (unless I used one of many broken things in the game). Though I wonder if they will still have broken spell creation and enchantments, it felt really awesome making some broken combinations or stacking weakeness spells to own someone in one shot.


I was thinking of getting Oblivion for cheap recently, looks like I’ll just wait for this one to come out.


Here’s hoping this game is more like Morrowind and less like Oblivion.


AHHHH i just came, really badly.


I second that opinion


I’ll be interested if they make combat more real-time/realistic and make the world you explore actually diverse and interesting.

…basically make it more like the far superior king’s field…


All I really want is a non retarded leveling system, no enemy scaling, and slightly better writing. Not much else, really hype to head to Skyrim.


Time to upgrade my PC!

Really, at the end of the day… this one is all about the mods, baby.


How does Oblivion compare to fallout 3 in terms of size and epicness?


I trust with what ever they make. I will play as if it was the first Elder Scrolls game I’ve ever played and marvel at its beauty.


I didn’t know humans were ugly set of species until I played Morrowind (and Oblivion). Thank god they are changing their engine. Besides the ugly looking humans, Elder Scrolls: Morrowind was awesome. Oblivion was good, but when you had a game like Morrowind come out before Oblivion, you just weren’t going to keep up.

PC version better be the best version that they make. Why pay for DLC, when there are mods?

Now I just need to find my Morrowind disc to get my hype on.


any word on a release date?


November 11, 2011. Or 11-11-11 (i get the feeling we’ll see lots of releases on this day, and December 12, 2012, aka 12-12-12)

and I recall an interview sometime after Oblivion where the developers stated they weren’t really fans of the enemies levelling along with the hero, and many critics/fans bitched about it. I doubt it will be around.

I remember forgetting to sleep (ie-level up) in Oblivion, and I was pissed after a marathon day of playing to find that enemies were weak as shit still and dropping lame items. Then I slept, levelled like 30 levels, and suddenly everything had top of the line equipment.

I’m just hoping for some ACTUAL boss fights (DRAGONS!), rather than just fighting lame humans with somewhat better equipment than normal. And maybe more dungeons with actually useful equipment in them.

And yes, I pretty much LIVED Morrowind for a long ass time. Even wrote FAQ’s for it.

edit: Anybody know if the song from the trailer has a name, or if there are any similar songs out there? Seriously, thats a song to fuck to


never really played an elderscrolls but damn that trailer is sexy


you need to. I think they’re the only games that take longer to play, than they do to program :slight_smile:

and here’s a [media=youtube]hGMOMkACtn4[/media], with longer song lol…still the same one, just better quality, and not cut off at the end

also reading conflicting reports about the engine:

  1. says that the engine is brand new
  2. says that the engine is a HEAVILY modified Fallout engine