If they made a soul calibier vs Street fighter

just a what if thing hehe
what weapons would the sf chars get?

few off the top of my head
-chun and sagat- staff or police riot staffs
-bison a henchman
-ken and sakura nun-chucks

  • dan, guy and ryu some twin sais
  • i cant really see any chr using a sword tho :slight_smile:

Street fighter characters need no weapons. their bear hands are the only weapons they need.

especially Zangief. fucker literally has BEAR HANDS.

OMFG!!!1!!! THIS WOULD BE SO OTT!!1!!!11 WTF11!!!


Get the fuck out and take your 2010 with you.

Hell naw!

Remember what Maki did in cap vs snk 2 when she won : O

Comment reminds me of

Hey guys, I’m thinking of making a furry Street Fighter game where the main character is Kangaryu. Awesome idea or best idea?

It’s a huge step forward from your idea to remove parries from 3S. :tup:

how about we get a decen soul calibur game then lets see about doing that whole crossover thing.


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Oh! It burns…

frustratedsquirrel alt account? you be the judge

I’m just trying to troll the topic, man.

no i know it was a joke

You already have a furry Street Fighter. Its called Dark Stalkers.

they should crossover street fighter x soul calibeer x tekken x guilty gar x balzgreen x arcana heart x ALl oF mY KaWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI~ JAPANESE AnIMESSSSSSSSSSS UGU =^-^=

bear hands

The hell is a soul calibier?

Can it have a crossover with Seal Colibri 2…?

SSF4 strikes again with another shitty thread.