If Throw/Grapple Characters Used QCF/QCB Motions

…For their throw moves do you think it would change how effective their offensive tactics are? Sure we’ve all come to adapt 360/720 motions but I’m sure the developers created such motions to hinder the effectiveness of their moves to an extent, but why? Would Zangeif be even scarier if these motions used instead?

Apart from 1 traditional fighting game (Alpha 3) I can’t remember the last time there was a top tier wrestling/grappling character. (Clark?:confused: ) Sure, the intention of the designers is to balance their fighters but I would think by probability they’d mess up on more wrestlers/grapplers and accidently give one insane advantages to make him or her top tier.

'98 Daimon and O.Yash

You mean unblockable, uncomboable (well, ticking is different I think) throws like 'giefs? Or the SNK style comboable ones?

I don’t think it’ll make that much of a difference; Even if it was mapped to one button, if the rest of his overall movelist is shit, what good is it.

Griffon Mask in KOFXI, Vice, Blue Mary, and many others, heh most of them are from KOF.

i also think about alex having EX-powerbomb :confused:

I cannot do walkup -> 720+P. I can do walkup-> qcf+p.

If SPD motions were changed, it would be a pretty big fucking deal. You notice that grapplers tend to be top tier in KOF…you can also combo throws in KOF…hmmmmmMMM!! (ironic considering that SNK games have weaker normal throws)

It may not change much at the highest levels, with crazy players who can do walkup 720 like nothing and are 100% on excecution, but at mid-level play, 360 characters would be more popular. And would be easier to play on bad sticks.

I’ve never understood why the ability to combo into throws in KOF is such a big deal to some people. Using a throw in a combo is no different from using any other special move. Sure, it’s added versatility, but that’s all. Am I missing something?

Nope you’re not missing anything.

Grapplers were really good in 2003 because there was no throw invulnerability on wakeup, so they got an absolutely perfect 50/50 between hit or throw.

It’s unnatural and it’s WRONG.

In SNK games I LOVE me some grapplers…in Capcom games, that 360 shit bothers me, so I rarely use them. Just imagine how much deadlier Capcom grapplers would be if they could combo into their special and super throws…

I prefer more hybrid grapplers like Alex and SNK characters, shit 360 throws are difficult for me to adapt to after not using them for a long time or trying to learn a completely different character.

Sorry let me clarify, I meant without being able to combo into them, just the same standard Capcom special throw characteristics with less tedious motions. Heck, even charge motions for grapplers would be 100 times more fun that 360s.:smile:

I wish I played more KOF games (or that they were more available), and here I thought that Clark was special for comboing into his grabs.:wasted:

imagine honda’s 360 turns into QC motions he’d be prolly join top tier in cvs~

Of course it would make them better.

You think Guile/Charlie/Remy would be better if their charges were mapped to QCF/QCB??? Hell damn yeah.

Gundamwing Endless Duel. Heavyarm has qcb+any attack for command throw, that can net him more than 30% life after combo. It may not be the OMG TOP 3 but he is damn solid, I love that mech.
Polarity: it’s all about options. Do you combo and take a huge damage scaling, or do you tick throw them and risk people dp/hurricane/super/jumping out, but possibly land the reset damage.

Zangief is already a beast and only thing that stopped from me to learning his type is that he has 360/720. I can only buffer into them with special moves; it annoys me when I can’t run and command throw with some characters. On the other hand, though, these types of characters are great to learn IMO. The skill and practices pay up better than other tricky characters usually. It’s like raging storm: if you can pull the move, your character is now a lot more beastly. So, even though they would be more accessible, Capcom just should leave them as they are.

Grapples are big damage moves, and due to the way capcom’s fighters play, always used outside of a combo. To be able to combo into something so damaging remains, to this day, quite novel.

But in SNK games isn’t the damage more in line with blockable specials in order to account for this?

It’d make the character easier to play. Otherwise, no, I don’t think it would make them better. The hardest thing about people with 360’s is getting inside in order to do it. Changing to an easier special throw motion won’t change the fact that Zangief’s overall priority is dominated by Sagat’s overall priority. I mean, if they change the properties of the 360 moves or make those characters faster and more agile, then yeah, it’d make the command grab more useable. But, just changing the input commandwon’t stop people from hopping around and running away from a 360 character.

We had this same exact arugement at VFDC/irc when Sega changed Kage’s TFT from b+P+G to 270+P+G, then to hcb+P+G.

Thing is, you can argue all day that the top players can do even the most difficult motions on command, so it wouldn’t change the character in theory. But the fact of the matter is it would, even for the best players that can do 360’s on a whim. Sure, they can do 360’s in the tightest of situations now, but making the motion easier is going to boost the potential no matter what.

He needs safe splash or he cannot hang without glitches, period.