If UMvC3 evolves to a point where it's a 6-8 character game, would you still play it?


Please don’t have arguments about what the theoretical endgame characters are. This is really about how much each of you think character variety is important.

It depends on how good Marvel 3 becomes, and if high level Marvel 3 is masterpiece to play or watch.

Marvel 2 got away with the small roster thing simply because the game is too fun, and the community made it a blast. Marvel 3 better be a good game in the future, or I’m just going to ignore it for Skullgirls.

The main reason Marvel 2 lasted for 10 years was that there was no Marvel 3 for 10 years. The reason right behind that is by how accidentally good and/or hype of a game it became competitively.

There’s too many good support characters and XF is too good to ever have the game come down to 6 to 8 characters.

It will when people stop being pussies and not wanting to be the badguy and make MorriDoom more popular.

Hm. Ill probably still play it. Only cause I believe there will be more than 8 characters that can for sure be very viable in this ToD x-factor game. If the game really turns into 90% of the teams being the exact same I might indeed just get plain bored of fighting that.

However if two of those 8 chars will be Morri/Doom teams then I will for sure stop. Too much BS for me to bother with then :smiley:

I haven’t run into too many of the exact same teams or even characters at a tourney for a while.

Morrigan/Doom will be really good but in the end I think it doesn’t kill fast enough on its own (minus maybe TAC infinites) to really be end game on its own. The best Morrigan/Doom teams will have to rely on some other point character carrying the team. It kills a bit too slowly on its own where tech and teams will start overcoming it. There’s gaps in it at super height that more mobile characters can force Morrigan to commit to the air where she can’t flood the ground anymore. Which leaves room for it to get blown up also.

Really good but I already see its not cheap enough on its own to stay the best shit end game without another assist or point character backing it. Making it more popular is good because its basically a much more manageable Dark Phoenix. Its just one of those teams that forces you to change your gameplan and be dedicated to the game to deal with. Everyone just wants to play maaahhhveelll and its a team that forces you to wait for opportunities rather than just getting your opportunity before they do.

It also shows the amount of difficulty to use the team when still very few top players or even just solid players are using it. Most top players are still running the rushdown “ill hit u first” teams or ones that can do that while zoning. Which they are still doing well. Even against Morri Doom. Yipes, Joker and the like are showing that the team definitely has its cracks…you’re just forced to think to expose them.

Don’t spend too much time worrying specifically about Morri Doom. Just learn to fight it, make sure you have a team strong enough with hit boxes and movement to fight it…and know cheaper shit is coming. Something that will piss you off more than Morri Doom easily is coming soon.

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I’ll think it will never come to that point. Half the cast can kill for 1 meter.

If it does, I’ll still play it. I love versus series games.

Like the election, going to be playing it at least 4 more years.

I’m a character loyalist so I’ll still be using Captain America regardless. Still, I don’t think the game can ever really come down to a few select characters, as unlike MVC2 a lot of the cast are viable, even if it takes an assist (a la Hidden Missiles for Morrigan) to make them work. Just now Yipes and Combofiend are Charlie Sheening with Nemo’s team.

You never know what he future holds, so I guess the game could possibly come down to certain teams. But I’ll hopefully continue to see the more powerful things as a challenge to overcome, much like I see MorriDoom and Zero now.

Unless that 8 is Cap/Vergil/Spencer/Nova/Ryu/Zero/Viper/Doom, then I will always have a character to be hype for.


well with all the games that come out I find it hard to stick to this game, especially when it’s not my crack in the first place. I find it fun either way.

but if people still played this game for 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually evolves into 6-8 character game, which I don’t mind at all if the playstyles of each of the top teams were fun.

call me when SG patch comes out, seriously. I’m waiting in anticipation.

Also, the game could shrink down to god knows how many characters. FFS, the Marvel community is the laziest fighting game community I’ve seen ever.

Call me when people are utilizing infinites,
Call me when people are utilizing Dirt-Nap Set-ups.
Call me when people are utilizing unblockables.

Lol. It’s sad to say but this is arguably the truth. I don’t want to derail the thread, but I guess this could possibly keep us playing the game into the distant future. It’s like how people are only just learning Strange now after nearly a year because of Yipes and Fiend. If they continue to slowly discover or use things, then the longer it will take for us to get bored of the game in a way.

but this is exactly why it’s pissing me the hell off.

AFTER A YEAR when people have been utilizing this tech for months?
After a YEAR half the cast is STILL not being used, are you serious?

There is no intensive for playing these other character. Yipes and Fiend are trying to have fun at their competitive level. Why torture yourself with playing really bad character? The only answer is fun and unless you are Yipes and Fiend fun runs out real quick sometimes when you keep getting smashed.

There’s a lot of stuff people are using in tourneys…it’s just these days everyone rates what’s being used by what they see on streams and that’s about it. If you actually go to tournaments and majors you’ll see more shit. The stuff NonSexual was talking about I’ve seen people use at tourneys it’s just a matter of what you see on stream mostly involves the top top players who can by with just being flat out better. Who don’t use that stuff because they can get by with just being fundamental. You can see all kinds of Marvel 2 play even late into the game where people are just doing short combo, reset, short combo, reset, or just doing the most basic possible Storm combo into Sentinel DHC.

In a game where you generally just lose a lot of momentum when you get clean hit, the more fundamental higher level players are going to be landing hits more often and keep you from using your tech. Lot of under top level players at tourneys running that tech on the regular, it’s just they always get bopped by better/top player doing top player bopping.

As more players who can compete with the top like RayRay and Joker start really abusing tech…things will get more interesting and will pave more way for the other tops to do so.

Once people start picking up Zero the # of people playing this game will drop DRASTICALLY so i doubt it will ever get to that point.

There’s already armies of Zero players in quite a few regions. Especially the south like Texas and Georgia. Ricky Ortiz said his bracket at Final Round last year was basically loaded with Zeros. He’s already very saturated in tourneys, but hasn’t really stopped people from playing any more or less.

I don’t think so. Zero is the best in the game, but not by a significant amount at all. There are 8 other characters that are near the level of Zero, unlike in Marvel 2, where Sentinel was the best followed by only 4 characters near Sentinel’s level. Marvel 3 is balanced compared to the rest of the versus games. Half the cast is a dramatic improvement from Marvel 2, where there were only 11 characters you were using if you wanted to win.

I don’t think this will ever happen, well, not anytime soon. MvC3 is still a baby and x factor/derp saves lives.