If UMvC3 evolves to a point where it's a 6-8 character game, would you still play it?

I disagree with the people who think that Marvel 3 aren’t tier whore enough. Marvel 3 players are by the tier whores of any fighting game played currently. Viscant is still a dude that plays sf4 Blanka or Bision in other games, but plays fucking Zero in this game. ESPECIALLY. There tons of people who are character loyalist in many games, but are tier whores in Marvel 3.

What truly prevent theoretical top tier from winning is the lack of skill. Vergil players are famous being called stupid because they aren’t good enough as players. There are topics about how nearly all Zero lack skills of a decent fighting game player.

Whereas the random average joe in MVC2 is respect as a strong player even if they rock the best characters.

This. ^

What people also forget is that you die really fast in this game and the characters right under the top tier can still whoop your ass fast.

Its like Super Turbo. Don’t matter what tier you are…2 or 3 right moves in the right place from any character will have you losing the round.

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it looks like its getting to this point, especially in nor cal.

it’s moving in that direction, but i don’t think we’ll see characters getting totally thrown to the side (barring the obvious ones like H-ko, Wright, and Arthur) for at least a few years. lots of the cast still has plenty of room to develop as people start messing with them.

Why does everyone hate on Arthur so hard?:bluu:

I agree with this but then why spend time learning a char when you can derp it out with Dante/Wesker/Vergil?

it already feels like a 6-8 character game to me (okay slightly exaggerated but maybe like the same 12-14 characters all the time)

people like to win with the least effort possible. super effective bullshit is too easy in this game.

fucking exactly!

no mobility really hurts in a game where mixups are this fast and hard to see

No mobility
gets punished for using a meter
Using that meter doesn’t even prevent you from being lamed out
Terrible normals
Meh damage
Did I mention no mobility?
Hawkeye does mostly everything better than him


Since you mentioned me I’ll give my perspective.

Here’s the thing. If I cared about SF4 I would be playing Cammy or Fei. In fact even though I DON’T care I might start playing Cammy. I play Blanka/Dee Jay in SF4 because of inertia. There are mountains of evidence on why those characters are not good choices for tournaments but in most games I just pick who I like and stick to it. I played X/Yamazaki/Hibiki in CvS2 for 7 years even though I had mountains of evidence that those characters couldn’t beat top tier. I played Alex/Hugo/Q in 3s (and Alex/Hugo in 2i) even though they sucked and I should have been picking Chun the whole time. I stuck with Doom/Storm/Sentinel in MvC2 3 years after its expiration date even though I knew Santhrax was better (and I knew it was better before it was even named that because IT USED TO BE MY TEAM).

But MvC3 is different. It’s different because I care. I play a lot and even though I like my team and I like my characters (I CARVED A PHOENIX PUMPKIN FOR HALLOWEEN!!!) it just isn’t going to work out sticking to these characters and I know that. The FGC is different now, for me and for people in general. I’m flying 3000 miles in 3 weeks to play Marvel so if I’m going to go to all that trouble I should probably play to win while I’m out there. I’ve probably put in more physical and mental energy into being good at Marvel than I have at every other game in the past 10 years combined. So like when I lose at SF4 even when I was trying, it would be disappointing but OK whatever, I lost, who cares. Losing at Marvel just hits me in a different place. It’s like I’ve put in too much time and too much effort to lose to __________ (insert any of like 50 things). This is not OK. I’m not going to throw a tantrum or really even get salty at anyone or let it affect other parts of my life but it’s still not OK to me. I can’t explain why. It doesn’t make sense empirically. It’s just how it is.

And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. People who were content to play Hakan in SSF4 or Blanka in AE can’t accept even the weaknesses of their upper mid tier teams. Maybe it’s because losing in Marvel makes you feel completely more helpless or because of the community but there’s just something about this game. It’s just not OK.

So yeah, I’m currently playing Zero/Doom/Vergil and actually practicing every day, making sure I do at least an hour of either online matches or just simple training mode doing hit confirms and stuff even though these characters DON’T fit my personality and REALLY frustrate me. Marvel made me do it. That’s my answer. When the cops bust in the door and see me in the fetal position with an axe in my hands covered in blood, rocking myself back and forth…back and forth that’s all I can say. “But Mr. Policeman…Marvel made me do it!”

–Jay Snyder

that is amazing

You don’t care about SF4 because Viper isn’t a natural redhead like Jean Grey.

I can’t wait until I know what characters i should stick with.

x-factor wont cause what you are asking. marvel 2 only lasted for 10 years because marvel 3 wasn’t made for 10 years. sure it was a great game and I still jump online ever so often to this date but MOST people that weren’t well versed in the game only saw the last few tournaments of it when streaming became more popular around 2008-2010 so all they saw was MSP’s and Santhrax variant teams. There are lots of other viable characters in that game, if you jump online now with it sure you will run into top tier characters but lots of times you will run into people running very strange teams and they have pretty good synergy. But w/e not gonna get into that now. It’s like beating a dead horse.

I don’t think marvel 3 will go 10 years though simply cuz I don’t think they will wait another 10 years for marvel 4. Now I don’t think we will see marvel 4 anytime soon but I am betting on another VS game in the near future to be announced. What that will be I dunno but somethin will come me thinks.

DANTE DERPY…? Yeah it seems like you haven’t played a good Dante or even know how to play Dante. Cuz I tell you for sure he’s not DERPY he takes work to be good with. Go on the Dante thread and post I bet you’ll get hate like no bodies business. And vergil and wesker I would say there only DERPY in xf3 so yes they are to an extent. But Dante no, kid you have no idea what it’s like when you play a good Dante or even know what a good Dante is. If your gonna say all you have to do is spam hammer or jump s then I can honestly say you don’t know how to play. Cuz it all takes just a simple air grab to stop that. And don’t get me started on his combos it takes practice and time to get those down. You can’t just pick Dante up and win I promise you’ll lose to someone who knows how to play. So before you call Dante DERPY learn what the character is instead of being salty about losing to one who doesn’t play the character right.

No matter how easy a character is, it is not an automatic win. It takes talent to use the character well enough to win tournaments. That’s been true forever.

Hmmm… I think i may be looking at this all wrong. People still played (play?) MVC2 even though it came down to a few select characters. So I don’t think the same happening in MVC3 would stop people from happening. If anything only a new Marvel would stop people from playing this.

On a semi-related note, it seems that people will pick up whatever teams or characters they see working , that are accessible to them. It’s a short-term, quick result strategy, ‘X character/team is the best/winning, so I’ll pick them up to win too’. Nothing wrong with that. But what I don’t like (cue Chief Keef here) is how people would talk about how characters like Morrigan and Dr. Strange are poor, but when people like Chris G, Combofiend and Yipes start winning with them, then the characters become S Tier or form part of the best team in the game.

Unfortunately, I feel that the lack of foresight in the potential of the under-utilized characters/tactics etc. in the game, plus people’s tendency to copy winning teams or tier select is all indicative of a lack of innovation (re: originality) on some of our parts (I don’t want to say laziness because that wouldn’t be true in a lot of cases).

Still if the game were to ever come down to a few select teams, it would most likely be because rather than finding a variety of teams that could be viable, we’d rather just look to see who wins FR, EVO, CEO, NCR and SCR, SB and C. M. and copy their team. Cos hey, they’re winning right?

how do you agree when you immediately turn into a hypocrite in the same sentence? also derp it out with dante? what are you an online teleporting helm breaker dante?

Zero’s a punk, a good character but a total punk.

This will game is coming to a great climax in high level play, even if it came down to the assist choices being doom and ? people will play. Its too good not to.