If we take Akuma's stamina/dizzy rate out

Then is he technically a jack of all trades character? Since he can be played both rushdown/defensively?

His stamina and dizzy bar is the reason for his wide variety of options + most damaging ultra in the game.

Yeah, but was just asking though is Akuma technically a jack of all trades playstyle wise if we take out his low stamina/dizzy bar? Since, those two factors technically prevent him from being a jack of all trades.

what is your question if you haven’t already answered it? the reason he has low health/stamina is because his damage and stun potential coupled with an awesome teleport and runaway game. If he had more health and stun he’d be broken same with seth. Also why are you using the phrase “jack of all trades” so much because having low stun/health doesn’t prevent that. He has all forms of playstyle.

Alright then thanks for the responses. I was just curious that’s all.

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