If we vote on next years game

There is a lot of controversy regarding SC4 having 8wayrun.com allowed in the poll. I feel it’s fully justified to include it for multiple reasons, the main being not many have accounts here and could not vote. Naturally there was a back lash and people are screaming to have DL and Meltybread to be in, I’ll let that works itself out, but I feel for next here here’s what needs to take place.

IF a poll is declared next year, give EARLY warning a few weeks in advance. Then lock it to SRK. I’m sure the deal with 8wayrun, while needed and fair, has been a major headache for the evo staff. I don’t want this year to dissuade voting again, people just need time to meet the conditions.

Sure people might think why not build a bunch of accounts anyway on SRK? Well we can do that already, so it should be locked to 1 vote per IP.

People can proxy IPs. That won’t work either.

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Wow…this bullshit needed a thread?

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So, since they DID announce the poll BEFORE they locked the registration, via the podcast… I fail to see why people’s vaginas are sandy.

Cammyfanboy the guy that got crapped by people back at a certain SC forum hmmm, should we even take him seriously at all ? :smokin:

And people can’t understand why SRK is populated by complete fuckasses…

There’s gotta be some rational to it…where could people be getting this theory. hmmmmmmm…

Wait wait…I got it…no nooo…maybe they have a valid point and have thought before speaking and I should listen?..lol…naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw…that’s definitely not it…

Actually we just don’t like when people make topics about fuck anything that could have been posted in another thread. I mean…I don’t believe you should have to suck anyone’s dick but this thread isn’t going to help anyone with anything either. I’m like 99 percent sure Evo staff already thought of this idea before you made the topic. You also do realize that there’s more than a year before next year’s Evo right? Anyone running any event would be able to figure this out for next time if ths did happen again.

SRK just doesn’t like “off the top of my head” threads unless they’re really good. Just the way shit goes. It just spams up the forum any way. Maybe on your website people just make topics about anything all the time but on SRK…you’re just better off making a post in another thread unless ITS A REALLY GOOD IDEA OR THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER.

Though even other 8wayrun posters have posted in this forum just to let us know that you’re the running jester of 8wayrun so I guess it makes sense. Even they don’t want you.

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8wayrun is a dead forum that had no chance of affecting the results anyway

don’t expect them to do this again

I think this thread needs to be locked. It serves no purpose whatsoever.


Are you serious?

The Melty Blood community managed to get enough people involved to vote it in. I bet you a lot of the people on Melty Bread don’t even have accounts here (or didn’t before the poll went up).

If people on 8WR were really keen on getting SC4 in Evo, they could’ve done something revolutionary: signed up to SRK. It’s not like it’s rocket science. I mean, and there was enough warning to do this. I mean what, a week? That isn’t enough time to commit to a 2 minute sign up and vote process?

As much as I like Soul Calibur, give me a break.

To be fair… That podcast was at around 4 at night here in EU. After listening to it, I went to sleep at 5. When I woke up, I think there was only a few hours til the poll showed up… If I remember correctly.

But still if they had given a lot of time, people would probably have made duplicate accounts. There’s just no good way to have online polls, and after this one with all the e-drama… I vote we don’t take any more votes on what games should be in.

Also, even with the exception 8WR couldn’t bring in more than 200 votes so…

Your crying went out the window when there was enough time for the Melty community to vote for their game, and there was more than enough time to sign up on SRK. It was like what, a week? It’s not even that hard to make an account either if its the same from 2005.

I feel like this thread needs something constructive. Let’s see…

If we vote on next years game:

Allow multiple choices.

In other words let people vote for every event that they would play in if it was at Evo. I love Melty Blood, but I’m pretty sure it only won because a lot of the 3s/CvS2/Mahvel players were the same, so they kind of got split into 3.

Actually, here’s an even better one:

If we vote on next years game…

Remember how well it turned out this year, and don’t leave it up to the community.

The vote was a good idea, but people just love to bitch.

Ok, that wasn’t constructive.

Even better: don’t put SC4 on the ballot at all.

Not to be a euro hater, but this tournament is located in the USA, we can’t help it that the europeans are 5+ hours ahead of us (8+ ahead of west coast where EVO is located) So given the difference, we cannot make a convenient time for europeans to listen.

But anyway, yeah, 8WR made no difference. Also they should make SRK accounts now for the next poll. No excuses. No other site should be allowed to be an exception to the SRK only rule.