If/when Capcom adds an extended Tutorial mode for Street Fighter V - what should be covered in it?


As of now, the Tutorial in the game is pretty damn lackluster. It only explains the most basic things like “Press UP to jump”, and ends rather abruptly. It’s basically a built-in Instruction Manual without much information to give to new players

So as much as Capcom intends to “expand the audience” and “cater to newbies and veterans alike”, it seems weird when they have a clear target of bringing the game to even a broader array of players than SF4, yet somehow the game doesn’t have anything to achieve said goal as if now. IMO an extended Tutorial could’ve been one of the ways of simplifying the process of getting familiar with SFV for people who never played a Street Fighter game before

Of course, we don’t know if such a mode is actually coming to the game, but let’s assume - if Capcom announces tomorrow that they are gonna be expanding the current Tutorial - what should be included in it?

Off the top of my head I can think of:

  • Throw teching
  • Meter usage
  • Cancels
  • V-Trigger cancels
  • Anti-airing
  • Linking
  • Normal priority
  • and maybe something specific to SFV, like maybe shed more details in the V-System in general

So essentially make it a SF5 Primer made by Capcom themselves.

I would’ve also loved if Capcom looked at ArcSys’s GGXrd and took the idea of Missions that put the player in a certain position and require to solve a given task, like deal XX damage using XX attacks, and so on. It could also be used to explain what each characters’ V-Skills/Reversals/Triggers do and why are they special, how useful are they and what are the examples of using them correctly

What say you, guys?


Nice list. I’d add.

Hit Confirms
Cross ups
Punishes (whiff and block)
V-Skill practical applications
Block strings (and v-reversals)
Reversal windows


The list so nice he posted it twice


A really good breakdown of each characters V Trigger would be a good addition because right now without the forums, chatting, or just experimentation some of them are not obvious to new guys.


Nothing. YouTube is the best tutorial.


A tutorial on how to make the servers consistent without frequent crashing would be nice.


As the game evolves there are techniques developing that I think would be good to include.

-Crush Counter combos/confirms
-Wakeup pressure/risk vs reward
-How to do combos more consistently (shortcuts, how to start inputting the directions during normal strings, etc.)

That last one man. It took me 20 minutes last night to get Karin to hit cr.lp > st.lp > tenko(just frame). It went from “OMG WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!” to “Ahaha fuck that’s not hard >_>;” The only think I changed was going to upforward instead of stopping at forward. Something to do with the timing of my motions that make it significantly more consistent. I remember this working for me in SFIV as well when I was having issues cancelling into half an quarter circle motions.


This. I been raging at the lack of explaination of what certain characters vtrigger does. I decided to main karin and i just know her hands glow and she gets a new attack… Does she get anything else i ask myself… The game tells me to go fuck myself, and i was left for dead :frowning: had google that shit and since im at work and cant watch youtube i wont know forsure until tonight lol


A character specific tutorial too.
So people can learn the basics of the characters and get a good amount of informations, how to play them and their strenghs and weaknesses.


This is where you don’t jump tutorial.


Character tutorials would be nice.They should do it like how evolve does their tutorials. Video and all. Would be nice to watch.


Combo trials, that’s obvious.
Character specific tutorials, explaining their strengths and weaknesses and gameplan.
Give me those and I’m happy.