If you are an anime artist


Ok so i found this page on deviantart. shes about 15. If you cant draw or even cg like this when you were that age you suck. basically to sum this up, you might as well quit drawing if you cant beat this 15 yr old girl.


Why do the female artists who do have such talent and obviously put a good amount of work into their pieces talk like morons? I mean it’s like they’re a species now. I hope they don’t hold conventions or that type of thing…



#1 who are you to tell someone they need to quit trying to do something they enjoy

#2 This is a very good piece for a 15 yr old…

#3 HOW IN THE BLUE HELL DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD SHE IS!!! I’ve meet people online claiming to be in thier 20’s and they turned out to be twice that age! If you’ve never met the person than how do you know anything about them… or some of the people you meet on the street…

#4 In case you haven’t noticed your ignorance is making my head hurt…|…


I Eat Dirt, man…

Do what your SN says and go eat dirt, chiga!
I can’t see the pic now cus devientart is under maintenance, but so what if she can draw good at age 15. If she’s really that good, then GREAT. Good to know she spent her youth honing her artistic skills so she can post it on deviant art along with the other “Political Symbolism” shit on there.

But telling people to stop drawing, thats WACK.
And that’s true that people DO possess the ability to lie about their age on the net.

Btw to anyone who’ve view the pictures. How are they?

Is Chump Dirt here just showing us some so so artworks and say that you need to be at least this good or else you suck.


The pic is very good. Unfortunately for me, I’m not really impressed by it as I’m very tired of the typical anime style. Colouring is very good too. If she is 16, then she has great potential within her. Let’s hope that she develope her own style and not stick to the generic anime stuff.



yeah… the real test is trying to break away from the brainwashing that is anime… I’m still pulling away.


im sure i can kick her in the ass


eh… none of that

how do you know it’s even of the female persuation… It could actually be a big sweaty guy named buba who’s 10X your size… lol