If you are having problems with PSN connectivity, read this thread (openDNS)


I use Timewarner Cable here in socal and ive been experiencing the Lost Connection To Playstation Network bug which also drops my GP progress. Time Warner DNS has ALWAYS sucked. After reading this post on the capcom unity forums this solution has worked for me. Thanks to TongariDan.

Primary DNS:
secondary DNS:

This problem is not widespread. Ive seen only a small % are experiencing this and I wouldnt be surprised if the ones affected use Timewarner (Roadrunner) ISP.


I have timewarner as well. Im going to try this out too. Same issues.


I use Time Warner and have had this problem. I’ll give this a try. Hope it works because I’ve been pissed about this lately lol


Absolutely love you man. Thanks for the link! Tonight my dc% dropped for the first time from 11% to 9%. I can now play SF4 again! I need about 400 or so more posts before my rep means anything, but I’ll come back to you when I can.


Very good find dood , my prayers been answered + rep


I don’t have time warner but + repped anyway


I’m trying this now. If it works I will rep you for life.


Cant say how happy I am. I tried all the other “tricks” but this one actually worked. Thanks!


Yeah this would be great. So far it has worked. I’ve lost soooo many gp points because of that bug.


Gonna try this tomorrow. it would be great if that error went away. I have Time Warner, and I get DNS errors all the time, so I’m really hopeful this will improve my service


The best part about it is my DC ratio has already started to go down. Was at 11% and now down to 9%.


I’m gonna try this when I get home, but I have a few questions for those that has worked for them.

Does replay also work perfectly now?

And… for the Primary and Secondary DNS, do we just copy what was written in OP? Or do we have to find out what the DNS # for our set up is?

Thank you in advance.


opendns uses a free (public) dns server to resolve web addresses. you would use the one posted. the only drawback to this is there could be a slight increase in latency.

to see how much of an increase in latency, ping your ISP’s dns address and compare it to the opendns address. Most likely its too small of a difference to matter.

-i just compared latency with timewarner and opendns gives me better latency. :tdown: timewarner


Tongari dan posted this info a week ago on capcom-unity…

It’s also in the sf4 section…


You change this on the router or PS3 itself?


So the fuck what? No. We are not going to bring this kind of attitude to the PSN forum. It’s “acceptable” in the SF4 forum (even though I don’t think it is), but if I see this kind of shit in this forum, I’m going to give warnings and infractions.


Hmm… I don’t have Time Warner, but I’m curious as to whether the same or similar thing would work for people who have other isp’s. I’ve experienced the rollback problems as well, but I have Cox.

Good stuff on the find though.


Well I’m pretty sure this has worked for me. Been a whole day and no drops and my DC pecentage is going down. Great great find. Once I get to 500 posts will start the lifetime repping.


It works for me. I can view replays and everything now.


WTF? The ping to my IP’s DNS server is an average of 6ms and using opendns my ping to it’s DNS addresses are 48ms and 50ms. Would still be worth doing with such a difference in pings? I only pinged each address 20 times. Maybe it’d even out if I did more pings to each? A couple hundred or so?

Admittedly, I’ve only suffered from the “Lost connection to PSN” message a couple of times but I was still hoping for something to help guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. A bit more frequently but rather rarely I have turned off my PS3 only to turn it on later to find a “Your last tournament match did not end properly” message and me having to start a tourney over or losing some points. It’s never like 500 points or something; maybe at most 100 if I won the tourney