If you build it they will fight!

he is a good person to use if done correctly! i have had my ass handed to me, but when he is the last person i find a good way to come back and win the match. i know madd shit for sam. just ask adn i will tell you!

I hope by sam you mean shuma. please enlighten me

something I like to do with shuma is s.lk s.mk xx chaos dimension. no it doesnt connect but you can jump straight into them and do it or wait till right before they hit the ground. kinda like dalsim’s s.lp s.mp xx yoga strike

Yeah that always work.
Things that i do:
(call t.bonne Y)c.lp c.mp(2hit) Chaos Dimension, dash forward lk mk(launch) lp lk mp mk hk > (on ground) lk mk(launch)lp lk mp mk u+HP.

(call Cyclops AAA)c.lp c.mp(2hit) Chaos Dimension, jump HK…
Those stuff work

i say sam cause it means (shumas a motherfucker)s.a.m.

“sam” is used for SIVLER SAMURAI fyi. I’m all about shuma, what combos/strats do you have?

on a side note sonson can run around the screen (qcb+k) over shuma’s throwing eyeballs super, heh that sonson is a wiley monkey