If you could be trained by any SSFF character

Guysh i’d pick Majin Vegeta.

I’d be able to go SSJ2 with out putting in effortsh, and hed learn me how to break Babbidish shpell sho i could think for myshelf. Plush i could blow up planetsh


I would definitely choose Cammy, for obvious reasons…

Those being to fight in a leotard, of course.

Forget Cammy. Sakura is where it’s at. She’s such a gentle creature outside of battle. <3 :slight_smile:

Jesus christ guys, if you don’t like the thread then don’t post in the thread. No one cares about how hetero you are for not participating.

Nah, I’m sure Bison would just assimilate me into Shadaloo and teach me the ways of evil… which I’m totally OK with.

Another thought that just occurred to me: if you train under a character then it’s mandatory that the character’s theme music is playing in the background… in which case it would have to be Guile.


I’m not the only one am I?

this thread is hadouken cause its down right gay

Makoto? I’m all about the 13-year-old japanese girls.

Have I said too much?


He is so huge and powerful, out of all of the characters I think he is in the best shape and has the best knowledge of fitness.

Once he teaches me the crouching fierce… I will be unstoppable.

Yall niggas crazy.

I’m kicking with Balrog all day.
You know how awesome that would be?

He can KNOCK out a fucking ELEPHANT.

We be regulating shit everywhere we go son.

The fat kid from the overpass stage seems like a pretty legit choice

do any of them have impressive academic or professional qualifications? I have no interest in fighting people for a career. I would only want to be trained in something like financial trading or international law.

M.Bision is your man especially since psycho drive cuts down on training time significantly :tup: Though it will be all illegal trading :tdown: But it will be BILLIONS of dollars :tup: However he may eventually kill you and take your body :tdown:

Hey Musolini,

Thank you for highlighting the Surinam roti, it really deserves more love.

The surinam roti distinguishes itself from other roti styles by having peas or potato inside it:

The chicken curry vaguely resembles jamaican jerk chicken, although we use different spices. I couldn’t find info online but you’re looking at spices like masala, pepper, salt pepper and then onion and garlic. Sometimes it comes with vegetables like “Kouseband” which is similar to green beans. Served with rice or the above mentioned roti’s.

what is wrong with you guys, hanging out with feilong is as close as youll get to hanging out with bruce lee.

Hey man, you have a little bit of a “The Rock” thing going in your av, the girls must be loving it.

Great stuff!

I’d be trained by cammy or chun li

and it wouldn’t be street fighting training

Chun Li look like she might want a nigga as a companion and shit for real. I would be down with that but I would rather get training from someone like Gen though and then mess with Chun Li. I ain’t tryna learn how to shoot fireballs with butt sticking out. That shit would look real gay .


Because I want him inside me…

Dan Hibiki

How about fuck both of them. JURI is the one I’d be trying to get at :slight_smile: