If you could create the next Street Fighter


I was up late last night, and I started thinking about what I’d like to see in the next Street Fighter. Knowing Capcom, a “Street Fighter 4” seems unlikely as the next release…which may not even happen. And that’s just fine with me.

Instead, I’d like to see a follow-up to the Alpha series, this time taking place between Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3. This would allow for the inclusion of a lot of established, favorite SF2 characters, and an entry or two from SF3, perhaps. And of course, some unique entries altogether.

Naturally, Ken and Ryu would be there. I guess I’d like to see what transpired between SF2 and SF3. I’m largely unaware of SF canon, so if any of my ideas aren’t plausible, or if my curiosity could be easily sated by reading some wikipedia entry, eh.

Like Alpha, this game could borrow other Capcom characters, which would be pretty cool, too. I’d like for the gameplay to more closely Alpha 3 than SF3, with some more bells and whistles. Parrying would be fine, and an abundance of specials would be swell.

Most importantly, the game would need some kind of awe-inspiring title. Something that would grab people by the quarters. Something like…

Street Fighter 2.5

Just kidding.


Oh my… This is going to go well… I’ll just sit back and watch… IBL…


Maybe this was a bit too tongue in cheek.


if you could create the next world heroes


“Street Fighter Beta” :rofl:



1)Makoto actually looks like a woman.Longer hair,visible breasts,sex appeal

2)Clothes for Ken and a mustache.That jogging suit with the gym shoes,that he wore in the Street Fighter 2 animated movie when he fought T.Hawk would be dope.

3)Beard and graying hair for Ryu,with a smokers edge(You know,the Spike Spiegel,I don’t give a fuck look).

4)Yun w/ hair down,and hat offl

5)Mel Masters

6)Ibuki,less revealing clothes…


I see what you did there…


I would turn it into an fps


Omega Bison.


i’d be happy with street fight 3 fourth strike with a few tweaks and like 1 or 2 new characters that could fit in the game. maybe like bring back guy or some other old school character.

  • make the geneijin bar longer and less dmging off s.mk.
  • make chuns SAII do less dmg and make her back fierce a little less retarded.
  • give sean some actual useful pokes.
  • make twelve able to link more moves off of his airdash attacks and do some actual dmg.
  • make ibuki able to take a hit like mak/chun.
  • and give dudley HEALING!!!

jk about the last one, but ya if they did that i think i’d have a heart attack.


i’d make it really super awesome


I’d make 'em jump higher and punch harder!



^ actually a new streetfighter game may very well be in the works.

there should be a “groove” system like there was in CVS2, but obviously more balanced.

chun li’s legs should look more womanly, not like the footballplaler-like legs she got in 3s.


I’d give yun 3 bars of GJ because he’s too low tier.


SF4 Wishlist? Very well.

  • Not 3D: 2D is SNAZZY.
  • New Characters: Duh.
  • Old Characters: All of 'em. No excuses.
  • New 3S style sprites: The sprites in all other SF games look ass ugly. SFA/SF2/CVS2 Shotos look like weeds.
  • No “Groove” system: Too many games have that shit. It’s an easy way to make your game seem to have more content.
  • No “Pick the older versions of your character!” system: Same reason.
  • Keep the Parry System: Parry is FUN.
  • Some new mechanic that isn’t retarded: I do appreciate it’s not that easy to come up with something like that though.
  • More varied super commands: Not just QCF, QCF. Diversity plz.
  • More football player legs: It’s awesome.




the budget for that game would cost at least 20 times what it would make


Add moar Powerbomb.


I’d try keeping the gameplay of 3rd strike but instead of sprites. Use more detailed 3d models. 3D graphics but 2d gameplay(3rd strike gameplay to be more exact)

Oh, and I’d find a way to rip the poporu netcode and use that to base the online play on. IN fact that would be a MUST.


Well I guess it’s a good thing this thread isn’t called: “Create a logical business and design strategy for a potential new Street Fighter game” then isn’t it?