If you could go back to the beginning of Vanilla SF4


Lets just say your transported back to the release date of Vanilla SF4 on PS3 and 360. What character would you use? What strategies would you use. Would you exploit the tricks that we now know of like unblockables and fake cross ups? If you were never good enough to win locals, regionals, majors, EVO, with your current skill, do you think you could with what you know now against the top players with only what they knew then? Just curious to see what others would do because my friend and I will sometimes discuss this. Being a low level players or maybe average at best, I would play a aggressive Seth like Poongko and basically just copy and paste his wake up pressure and see how far that takes me. I believe I could actually win locals with all the gimmicks but no further then that.


Sagat is only my 3rd best character but I think I would better with him considering how OP he was.