If you could make or help develop a Naruto 2d fighting game: would you and how?

I hope some developer(s) sees this thread. :sweat:

But here’s my idea (originally posted on willvolution.com):

Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t because Naruto sucks.

Or we could have something new instead of another drab-ass animu fighter

What the fuck is this shit.

No because it’s a shitty property thanks to the shitty anime and fan base.


hurr durr contradictions much?

Another Naruto game would be awful. I wouldn’t mind Shonen Jump vs. Capcom, though.

TvC engine and 2.5d graphics. Now that capcom is only doing 2.5d, maybe they’ll take over the anime-based fighting game market that shitty companies have enjoyed making crappy games for. Yes, I’m still pissed that Soul Eater psp was goddamn shit. And utterly dissapointed in the Bleach Heat The Soul series.

And still hoping for a Tenjou Tenge fighter.

Lately, Tenjou Tenge storyline goes like “WTF - goes back to reading 50 previous chapters to understand whats going on - still WTF”


Emi Isuzu would be top tier with an attack like Honda’s Ochio Throw, she’ll slam you to the ground in her skinny form, then go fat mode and smash you with DAT AZZZZZ.

describe in detail, what you’d define as “new” ?


lol I should have expected the Naruto hate. :lol: I agree every Naruto game made was complete ass except NA2 IMHO. But that game isn’t close to a tradional fighter as I’d like it to be, hence why many people wouldn’t take the game seriously.

I find it hilarious that some of yous dis anime fighting games. When your beloved SF has been a shitty ANIME, an embarrassing movie, and a tacky-ass comic/manga…but yet you all give it your undeserved attention.

There’s your contradiction Anakron. :wink:

Ah…another vs. game. That’s totally original. :lol:

Uhmmm how is that contradiction? First of all my sig was directed @ how we handle tournaments, games to take seriously, and how we carry ourselves as competitive players. My preference of wanting to hear a move stated in japanese has NOTHING to do with my signature.

And Japanese devs usually don’t give you an option to choose between US and JAP voices for their games anyways. :razz:

Hey the first SF2 animated movie was awesomesauce.

All the anime after that sucked though.


My fave part is when Honda and Balrog roll off the mountain -


You sir are correct there.

“You worthless pile of extrament!”


“I don’t give a damn!”

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So you’re telling me a real “SF fan” has to automatically like the cartoon, the comics and the JCVD movie? Cool story, bro

I was simply reminding you that SF at some given point was all the above. Yet everyone…most everyone respects that game.

EDIT: and u never did answer my question. :rolleyes:

I see

Good news, I got a super kawaii game here that you’ll probably love

Apparently it’s like smash but with anime, so it’s right up your alley

No need to thank me

I think it’s safe to say u are done. :lol:

yes I’m done

James Done

DD, most people don’t take the SF stuff like the cartoon, etc seriously though.

ESPECIALLY not the American cartoon. It is great for laughs though, I’m tempted to seek out all the episodes.

lol TechR I understand that. It’s just when people judge a fighting game based on that it has anime (or nintendo) characters in it, that’s hella ignorant and funny at the same time IMO.

If I change my avatar to an anime girl will you like me