If You Could Only Give One Buff/Nerf Per Character, What Would It Be?

That’s the game of the thread. Instead of raging for all the changes we want, imagine each character is only getting one change. That’s it. Feel free to post your own complete list, contest someone else’s point or just list the one or two changes you really want to see in ‘ver.2012’

*Here’s a blank list if you want to fill out your own liist. *


M. Bison (Dictator)*



*Fei long







Balrog (Boxer)











Vega (Claw)


E. Honda*

T. Hawk




*Dee Jay

El Fuerte*






Fei- 30 less damage on all versions of flame kicks
Ryu- Give ssf cr mk back
Gen-Overall damage is now doubled (or just a minor damage increase, have it your way)
Hakan- EX oil up now has the same start-up, recovery and invincibilty as Vipers EX seismo (want to see how that plays out)
Blanka- removed from the game unless you have at least 2.5k pp
Yun-…to much info! Information overload! head explodes

The rest is fine.

BLANKA removed from the game, YES PLEASE I would not miss him at all lol

This is to make the most fair game possible against offense/defense and grappler opponents. Every character needs a viable achilies heel to attack. So mostly I tried to expose abused tactics or buff a part of a characters game that always sucked for no reason.

Yun = Take away armor-break on EX dash punch*
*M. Bison (Dictator) - Builds less meter on scissor kicks
Ken - Remove Kara throw (seriously, the developers want to streamline the game but they leave in Kara throws? Ken’s strong enough without it.)

Sagat - Increase standing fireball chip (to give standing something on the level of crouch fireballs usefulness)

*Fei long - Make 2nd and 3rd rekka’s punishable on block.

Viper - Reduce health to 850 (Akuma level).*

Akuma - Demon flip whiffs on crouching opponent (characters like Hakan can’t back-dash so it basically becomes an infinite meaty)

Abel - Falling star active frames/invincibility on start up like an SRK.

*Blanka - Decrease electric chip on non-ex electric and, thusly, EX electric doesn’t push opponent away as fast. *

*Ryu - Take away his flip back (where you’ll trade with Ryu and he can still U/Super after while you can’t)

Makoto - Focus attack doesn’t pull back so far (so you can actually hit her instead of her getting a full crumple.)*

Balrog (Boxer) - Reduce health from 1050 to 1000 (he’s got a normal character’s offense/def. he should have a normal characters stamina.)

Rufus - Spinning attack pushes opponent farther back on hit.

Ibuki - SRK-input kick reversal move (I don’t know what it’s called) now has more invincibility on start-up (almost like an SRK but still a little less.)

*Cody - Rock throw is faster.

Sakura - Reduce damage on EX hurricane kick. (she’s so good at lockdown/walk up throw she doesn’t need to do as much damage here as she does now.)*

*Zangief - Make Zangief either step back a little more on FA or make FA crumple faster. *

Guile - Make cr.Fierce anti-air have less priority on a forward jump in but still very effective against an up close jump in. (All I mean is that a long distance jump in attack should hit if done right after an SRK from the right distance or he has to block for once. Nothing unfair about having to block)

*Chun-Li - Reduce her priority on forward jumping attacks but not neutral jumping attacks. (so it’s not an 8-2 match up for zoners like Honda/Hakan).

Dhalsim - Give standing MK (? the anti air kick) a bigger hitbox to punish. *

*Yang - Make 2nd/3rd rekka’s punishable on block. *

*Cammy - More recovery on SRK on block. *

Vega (Claw) - Better priority/invincibility on light crescent kick (but is punishable on block)

*Juri - reduce health to 900 because, seriously I mean this, she’s going to be a beast in a year and her stamina she be the same as other heavy lock down characters like Ibuki. *

Adon - Give back quick get up.

*E. Honda - Make his U1 like Abel’s U2 meaning one hit of focus, cancable, chargeable. (Honda has the worst Ultra’s by far.) *

T. Hawk - increase invincibility on EX condor (kick attack? The forward attack one)
Dudley - faster start up on the move where he falls from the sky.

Guy - Faster focus crumple.
*Rose - better SRK air grab. Larger hit box to grab opponents with. *

*Dee Jay - Slide not safe on block unless max/near max distance.

El Fuerte - Toward Medium kick roll not safe on block. *

*Seth - U2 doesn’t bounce opponents out as much (i.e. more damage).

Gen - increase health to 950.*

*Gouken - increase health to 1050. (Also give his Ultra it’s own color llike Oni/E.Ryu)

Hakan - increase startup active frames and hit box on standing fierce so it hit’s on start up like Honda’s standing fierce. (this will really help Hakan’s up close game where neutral jump is his worst enemy.)*

*Dan - Buff damage slightly on specials. *

Holy hell that Hakan buff is genius. I take mine back that’s fantastic.

Also sorry my post is so long. I tried to force a change on each character since I know the developers will have to but I do think characters like Makoto, Sakura, Sagat, T Hawk, Adon, Cammy, Rose, etc and more are fine in this one.

Seth- a little more active frames on toe taps, just enough to instant overhead after c.lk,c.lp

-Ken-> I would like that change but sadly it will never happen
-Fei’s 2nd and 3rd rekkas are already punishable
-Viper deserves more health than Gouki since she’s a lot more unsafe and a lot harder
-Ibuki has the 1 of the best vortex games so its only fair to let her burn meter if she wants to get out of pressure (looks at Yun with a frown)
-Adon had his quick get up removed cuz he could dash under most cross-up set-ups on a quick rise while being able to srk most of the other set-ups. Thats why they removed it since its already hard to pressure him.
-Doubling Gen’s damage is more fun :stuck_out_tongue:
-Vega is almost impossible to catch for a the grapplers and some other rushdown characters. So a Claw with the lifelead is a Abels nightmare. Give him a decent srk and he’s too powerfull. Maybe a life buff?

Remove Kens kara throw, what the fuck?

Gen: give back full start-up invincibility on his EX Oga. Other (stronger) characters get a free teleport yet they nerfed his EX Oga which costed one bar to begin with and Gen can’t deal with pressure well at all.

I agree on most of these but if you had to give Adon and Ibuki something what would it be. I disagree on Viper though, since I think choosing a harder character is reward in itself for mastering them and you don’t need a higher tier placement in reward. I agree on Vega though, a health buff might be more helpful, also something to keep him from running away so freely, maybe more recovery after izuna? I don’t know.

And to the guy above me, Kara throw is not a purposeful design decision and since that’s what the developers are trying to minimize it should be removed. Especially since it doesn’t fit Ken’s gameplay, gives him a 50/50 that grapplers like Hakan can’t throw him out of and all around is a great tactic that just doesn’t make sense on a shoto.

uh no

31 frames after a whiffed Izuna isn’t enough for you. Wow,

Lol. They gotta give/nerf something on him! ideas?

Way to leave out oni and eryu lol…

he is already sub par and shitty as it is. Why would you nerf him even more? And any buffs will be met with hatred and complaints from other vega mains and people who already have a hard time with his linear gameplay in AE.

[INDENT=1]I’m only going to post characters I know something of or can think of something[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Yun - Meter Building abilities on all moves at least halved[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Sagat - Longer recovery on tiger shots[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Blanka - Nerf Chip on all moves[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Ryu - Give his SSFIV c.mk back[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Ibuki - Knife throw move has longer startup so that that leg kick move > back jump move > knife throw is much harder to do.[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Yang - Simiar nerf to Yun[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1][FONT=Tahoma]Juri - Reduce Damage on Ultra 2 but give it faster startup and an improved hitbox so that it becomes a true Anti Air with similar properties to Ken’s U1 if he uses it as Anti Air[/FONT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]E.Ryu - Increase Stun[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Oni - Air Demon travels faster[/INDENT]

Fun…but we already have like…3 threads going of this stuff. Squashing fun. BLAM!